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She's worried. The your outfit and Mai Tai or two coordinates coordinates. This thing is planned. Black -tingency okay. Ladies and gentlemen we are rolling into another episode of the Candice Owens Show and I. I wonder if I'm the only person that loses sleep at night about Western civilization. I really genuinely. I'm just so concerned about the direction. that not just not just America's taken by the West in general where we no longer seem tethered to the reality of the circumstances that were in We're we're so obsessed with so many a minor issues and making sure people's social issues Become go first and come out on top and we no longer think about where we stand. Globally in the context of the entire world while we're focused on our minor issues People in the east are not focused on those issues. Something came to my attention. I saw at a trending I believe on twitter and people were mocking the whole idea of space force and I have this idea that People with limited education don't understand Much intend to mock things based deem as unimportant and I said to myself. I don't know too much about Space Force But I bet there's a lot there in a lot there that we need to learn in the context of what is going on in the entire world So here discussed that with me. I am so honored to have retired. United States. Air Force General quast welcome. Thank you to the candidates. Owens show thank you very much and call me Steve. I can call you Steve. Okay great call you. Can you certainly can? I'll start off by telling you what I what I said off camera. I am so ignorant about this topic and these are my favorite episodes to do. Because I know that there's there's a lot more than I need to know about this In terms of of what's going on and why it's so important and I hope that everyone watching this can really understand that so. I'm just kind of take me through I guess even conceptualize eight could the conceptual conceptual pieces of space force. Where did this even come from this idea? Come FROM WE SEE. The president being mocked routinely. This right well then all the the mocking comes with any idea of from anybody. You know. It's a an easy sport to to mock something you don't understand you're you haven't thought deeply about but this is so exciting for me to be able to unpack this a little bit and talk about what really is going on around us Because this sense making of what's really going on really helps us be effective as a nation to move in the right direction And what's going on is something that has happened throughout history and it at its root. It's the reason why civilizations never last you know you sometimes wonder why do civilizations never last you can look at the Roman Empire Byzantine Empire Ottoman Empire And the reason is human nature. The reason civilizations die is because of human nature and civilization gets bored or when it has nothing great to fight for and to champion. The the sense of purpose is gone. You see a society start to fight among its itself over petty things little things. They'll make up an issue to fight over if there's something bigger. So that's why when you alluded to in your opening you know these. These great challenges that made generations great like the greatest generation in World War Two or the English World War One and This understanding of that you have to stand up to evil There was something to come together as a team about. And if so for the last seventy years America has been so unilaterally dominant economically politically culturally socially That we've really started to grow lazy and many ways. Yeah and and it comes at that. I always say that when my generation I think that we we really sped things up we were definitely the catalyst all this crazy leftist. Who Cares? What. Are you crying about bathroom? Signs you over privilege brats. I always say And I think we catalyzed that and I say what my generation is suffering from is peace. Like people don't know how to just be peaceful and be contemptible. Wow everything's kind of okay with right and that's human nature. Human Human Beings want to triumph. Right they want to be a generation that we want to say we ended World War. Two and or or you know we put. We sent our boys over in Vietnam War. We were the people that did this. You know we ended that that war and can't do that as millennials. Sort of like. We didn't really do anything. So why don't we just You know ruin our own country and pretend that you know we put up bathroom signs and yeah so this is why. I'm so excited to be here because they can do this. And I'll describe it. It's in a space that can do this Americans today do not realize that technology right now. Sitting on the table of engineering benches out there could be put together in a way where this generation could say we solve world hunger. We eliminated pollution. That is toxic to the human race we have provided abundant energy and clean water anybody on Planet. Earth with no need for rivers offers or pipes. These are statements that most people will say. Oh that's one hundred years from now if ever and it's just not true and we're going to talk about this because space is a unique geography. The can do things in a networked way to reach every human being and uplift the condition of people in suffering and it can bring the values of America of peace and respect for human beings and liberty And equality the things that are so precious and we as a nation can actually at stake a vision. That's big enough for America big enough so we stopped squabbling with one another over bathrooms and start championing things that are meaningful to God and Man. They know this. This is what we have before us. And this is the context of the Space Force that will get into right and and you know what I will say here and this is again a theory but I think because we've seen such a dumbing down of the Education System. That's why people's brains don't even think about that sort of a pursuit. I mean. Look at look at the state of illiteracy in this country. I mean look. People can't pass basic math tests right and you're going to say that they're issue they should champion is going to be space and this is. This is part of the problem. Is that when when you when you have this tremendous dumbing down when you start replacing things like Western civilization right when you when you stop teaching you know about the fall of Roman Empire which is our can be argued that was really the start of Western civilization right when you start replacing those court those courses with feminism one on one with gender studies. And you start teaching social issues you really dumb down entire population and you. You changed their focus from doing something great to doing something Petty really is the word. The word is petty and ridiculous and pathetic and and It's a it's a former pollution. In my opinion we're polluting our own environment and I'm hopeful that in watching this and and talking about aspiring again towards something. That's great we can. We can inspire people to want to want to start learning things that are meaningful again. Talk to me about space for it because I am ignorant. Okay so the The reason the space force is so important and And I is because whenever a civilization is moving into a new place There is always a struggle for the resources and for the opportunity that new space provides for example when we went out West We went out with a covered wagons. But there was also the cavalry that protected those cover wagons because if not then it would be a clash that would kill people and put them at risk Anytime you move into a new marketplace pirates thieves and thugs will come along because people are people and we're imperfect and evil will be there and somebody will be selfish. They will not respect another human being and they will do things that are not consistent with our values of rule of law. Space is the same way for example. I'll just use the moon as an example right now. It's as if there is a continent three times the size of Africa and nobody is out there. Nobody and China is building a fleet of ships going to that continent to mind the resources and to develop And to bring all of that wealth and prosperity back to China and we are not the space force is a recognition that this is something that we need to be a part of not just because we want to go to this continents and I'll use all of space. Is this prosperity. Because we'll get into some of the technologies that can help us as a human race with the education piece and we'll come back to that one because that is where we lost our way. We stop teaching our children. History human nature and culture But we as a nation are now recognizing we need be on this journey to this new of C- of prosperity in space Because one we WANNA make sure the journey is responsible. We don't want it to be disrespectful of the environment or our universe but for the first time in human history that technologies exists for the human race to reach the stars for all of our information our resources and our energy. We can now tap into the sun as a clean source of energy to power the earth without the need for dangerous expensive and polluting techniques. These journeys are never overnight. But that is what's possible okay. So there's definitely an irony there for you to say that we could look to space and we could power the world and we can move away from sort of these. Polluting Forms of energy The same people that mock space force are the people that demand that we looked to cleaner energy. So there's such an irony there right and you brought up China and this is really important. I talk about China often because people just do not in this country have an understanding of really just There are a lot of a lot of threats with China and the way that they're moving and I say when I say threats I'm talking about Story Arc that you just brought up in saying that you know one minute you're empower the next minute. You're not right and and China is is definitely a threat in terms of a The way that they are Raising their students They are learning. I saw a video of a kid doing things on a Catholic. He must've been five years old The way that he was computing math. I was scared looking at it. I was going. We cannot compete with that if this is the way that they're kindergarten first wears ordering to do math. Our country can't compete with that and now you're saying that they're they're jumping on the space force. Can you elaborate on that? Anybody Studies China will see that they've already built a space force but they've done something else that makes gives them a competitive advantage. That is not only have. They built the Space Force and organized around this single purpose. They have made it their national vision To dominate the economy of space in order to dominate the economy of the twenty first century. And we'll talk about why how they are planning on doing that because they are unapologetic about talking about it. But the other key factor is they don't have a republic like we do where we rightfully argue over how the money will be spent and we have political parties. That make sure that best ideas make it through the crucible of controversy and fire before the money comes out In China the Communist Party owns these companies and they fuel them and they fund them. They subsidize them in a way that allows them to compete globally. In a way our companies can't so there's a predatory behavior to this as well but they are organized to dominate the economy of Space. And we are not the Space Forces. The first thing we've done to actually be serious about saying we want a guardian capability to protect American rule of law The rights of people who put hard work in if the somebody that tries to steal it away. Somebody will hold them accountable so this is the first step into this journey. But you're right. The reason people scoff at this and laugh about it and it's ironic like you said is because they don't understand what is about to happen. It would be like you were sitting here in one thousand nine hundred okay. The airplane has not been invented yet. You know the Wright brothers and Dayton Ohio had not yet invented. It's three years away and most people in America are lighting their homes with candles heating with wood burning in the fireplace. And there's there's no electricity and.

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