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They are extremely American people just won't accept those ideas. Well, you know, what's happening over three years all of those ideas and many more part of the political mainstream. You're saying the party came your way. Well, I don't want to say that. I think most people would say that. Cop. I mean, I wouldn't say that. But but it's the scientific consensus. I mean that is an amazing statement. And completely true statement. You know, I've talked about twenty thirteen when he did Medicare for all euro co-sponsors. Now, everyone in the field pretty much agrees with that. I'll give you one person who doesn't though John Delaney. Now, I know you guys have follow John Delaney's campaign closely, but he has made it to all ninety nine counties in Iowa already. That's because he started running. I believe it was twenty six years ago. He started running he was he was the first person in the field undulating, isn't he the guy twenty eight Frazier's, dad? I don't know. Delaney was a former congressperson from Maryland and businessman, and he is in the race and had been in there for while pulling it about one percent right now he is running as the most conservative democrat in the race. His he was on CNN this morning his distinctions with he's calling out socialism. He's saying, look, I'm not a socialist. I don't want socialism capitalism is the greatest job creator, the engine of job creation in human history. He saying those types of things, and you could see those statements occasionally from even Barack Obama back in the day. He would occasionally make a speech and tip the tip had a little bit towards capitalism. Even though I don't think he was ever a big believer in it. But the two policies he brought up as diff differentiating himself from the rest of the field. We're really interesting to show illustrate Bernie Sanders point was Medicare for all he criticized Medicare for all he said, you know, what that's not right. We shouldn't have that. And let me you know, I have a better. Plan a great plan for healthcare. What we need to do is have a basically a public option low cost basic care for everybody and think about this. He's the most right wing of the Democrats, the most moderate of the Democrats that puts him to the right of Barack Obama as a president because ObamaCare did not he was basically arguing for ObamaCare, plus a public option, which is where Obama ran in two thousand eight option, meaning a government insurance plan the governor insurance plans, so so now believe me, I think it's a terrible plan. But I mean, I'm just talking about the movement of this party. He is to the right of where Barack Obama was president the same thing. I'll give you wear Barack Obama was as a chasm candidate. So and then one more thing excuse me. He's left of and the other one I'll give you was was a global warming. He said, oh, you know, what this green new deal is crazy. This is John Delaney. It's too. It's too much all give you just a carbon tax gonna be a great carbon tax. That's something that Barack Obama didn't even propose that actual plan. Again, his the most right person in the democratic primary is to the left of Barack Obama as a candidate. And as president that is where this party is the entire field is to the left of Barack Obama and some rock can't even see from where he is. That is an amazing change in a very common in the last three years that timeframe that it happened. And what's so terrifying? All right back in a minute. So bitter guy called me creep. Win. He said. Probably get into the conversation. One of our sponsor Cosmo hurts kids, so miss Matori Hurst from the Hearst family who actually owns Cozma politics magazine has decided to come out and take a stand not to censor cosmopolitan magazine. But to take a stand against the the pornography that they're displaying all over their front pages. All in their articles. I mean, it's just absolute garbage. Glenn says it it's always been garbage. I swear it's gotten way worse as the years have progressed country. The country was not ran a great health in the seventies. Look at it now. Yeah..

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