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S so stupid. You see that China lands It's Rover on Mars over the weekend. Yeah. For them. Did you guys see things can happen to that government? Let me tell you, right? I know. I know, uh, in the good news is a million Wickers were on board. Um s so that wasn't And they say they're lager. Oh, these camps they sound first of that camp always seems like fun now. Transportation. I mean, lots of people. Running location for this is training on how to live. On Mars. What night? Anyway. Esso, it supposedly landed its rover on Mars. But the BBC on what Friday or Saturday had an article. With the actual television landing. You know it had the Chinese news the you know, official news site Chiron and all of the markings on it, And it was what They were playing as it landed on Mars and everybody was celebrating at landed on Mars. Well, I saw it. And there is no way that was anything but bad. Godzilla animation. I mean, it was really bad, really bad. Oh, you look so hokey. No dust was coming up as it you know, was close to the surface. The engines just shut off, and it's still kind of floated to the ground. I mean, it was It was so hokey and you'll also have to ask. How did you get the camera there? And how did the camera land set itself up and then track the to give us a perfect picture of the landing? You know, we only see from down on the lander. You know, we see the feet and you see the dust and everything in a land. We don't have a perfect picture of it landing. From a distance because there's no cameras on Mars. Maybe they dropped off some wicker's first. Yeah s O the callous. I was going to play that video today because I thought it was really.

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