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Stepped up quarantine layer welcome back to Snapchat for extortion the young Harrison Scott key is that in the past on the down things to do with the stuff the prize isn't that you can do that now instead of the fishing came over to his the person that it's something else entirely Snapchat I guess my dad did not like the fact that this man was coming up where we were fishing into the man says Hey how's it going yeah catch anything and and I thought my father was going to say like well you know caught a couple how you do it and all my father said was I got a twenty two pistol that suggests you'll get your out here right now young man and I can remember thinking like to such a beautiful lady can Viewtiful morning fishing with my father and we're about to have like like wider at the OK corral my dad's like reaching for his gun the guy just says thank you because both turned around he sort of rolls away and my dad never said anything to me about it he never like turned and said son that you know that's why you carry a gun with you so you can fish in the place you want to finish it he didn't say anything about it he just cast his riding kept own vision that's the kind of stuff my dad would do cheating was in in some ways the.

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