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Any delays for drivers but it's best to avoid the area Now the sinkhole did cause a water main break last week leaving many customers without water That has since been fixed for the folks gathering in the area the department of public works is reminding everyone the ground is unstable so it's best to stay clear as they continue to work And if you are experiencing brown water for longer than 12 hours you should reach out to the city Melissa Howell WTO news A deadly crash on 95 in Virginia included a car hitting a Jersey wall a fire and a heroic rescue by someone who saw it happening Now Virginia state police are investigating how it all occurred This crash happened about three 30 in the morning today in the southbound lanes near Keene mill road and fairfax county Police say three cars were involved The driver of the car that burned died the passenger was rescued no one in the other two vehicles was hurt Four 12 Virginia delegate Danica Rome made news when she was first elected Well today we're learning she's looking for a job change Danica Rome says she's running for the state Senate seat for the newly drawn 30th district which includes manassas manassas park and western Prince William county She says our campaign slogan will be fixing roads feeding kids That will remain my number one priority in office She says governor Glenn youngkin signed all 9 of her bills last year when she was first elected in 2017 She was the first openly transgender state representative in the U.S. It is absolutely vital that we have LGBTQ representation in the halls of power wherever we can Be a law can stay in WTO So far Republican Ian lovejoy is the only other candidate registered in that race A lot more women are on the ballot in Maryland these days and one reason appears to be a democratic training program In 2018 Maryland matters says 46 women graduates from emerged Maryland were running for office and this election cycle 63 grads filed to run for federal state and local offices The program's executive director says over the last 8 years there has been a sea of change as people become more accustomed to seeing women running for office Women now make up 43% of the Maryland legislature That's the 5th highest in the country Fans who are rocking the red are making their way to Capital One arena for tonight's cap's Panthers playoff game four We'll take you down there It's four 13 Tired of paying more and getting less T mobile believes customers should get more with a worrying about their bill That's right war 5G coverage more savings and even more.

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