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And we can basically put it in a machine and we can determine the levels of all of the energy metabolites with these two technologies can basically tell us whether any ideas involved in any process that you want like you know chronic fatigue syndrome someone asked me about that recently and he said you think eddie might be dysregulates and in chronic fatigue syndrome and i said well i don't know what i know i can figure out how we can tell which is you know just get some tissue and if we see the genes are dysregulates at the metabolites are disrupted is telling us that any the is miss regulated the most amazing thing one of the most amazing things that we did in the last year religious this heart failure story that i was telling you about where this mouse is on its way to getting heart failure it's it's even presymptomatic and it's any d starts dropping and it's any dropping and it's nicotinamide riva's side kindness to gene is spiking up so the the gene pathway to convert an are into any going up while the nasd is going down and turns out what turns that on is something called amp chinese so it's this low energy sensor and the low energy sensor is turning on this end our pathway so that if you're if you're the lucky mouse who is supplementing with nicotinamide rival side you have a much better heart function because at ours available to those stress cardiac cells that are having the spy winter jeddah crisis so to some degree people will have a a more noticeable performance issue after they're they're all already you know somewhat debilitated but there's a protective aspect i think of having an are available when stuff.

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