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Does that all the time deniro's italian man no he's not deniro rubber demos waiting jewish than rubber is waiting talking talion okay but not aromas said it because banana ram knows what they're talking robert deniro waiting talking talion continue on please henry winklers italian son so max winkler barry winkle max winkler it's a movie written by three people one of them is alex mcaulay who only did the story i haven't i don't know much about what he's done he hasn't done a lot and then matt spicer did a screenplay pass on it with i don't know with max winkler separate from excellent winkler but they both have screenplays on it to name the reason i say matt spicer is because he wrote one of our favorite films of the year ingrid goes west he wrote the film yeah wow so this guy wrote a matt spicer who worked on flower roading goes west and you can kind of see similar themes and stuff like there is batman references in this movie too i wonder if he's just constantly inserting that man references into all his screenplays but it's kind of funny who who's in the film so we dutch by the way speaking of nepotism got max winkler right we got zoe dutch who is the daughter of leah thompson and howard dutch she was main girl and everybody wants them love she's incredible she's so good she looks so much like a mom though.

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