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We'd be remissed. Talk about under the down without at least briefly touching on the tv adaptation. Boy i listen. I am going to set this up so that the audience understands why you are having this reaction it aired from june twenty thirteen to september two thousand fifteen s first season at one a critics. Tv award for most exciting new season and had some absolutely heavy hitters behind it including executive producer steven spielberg and king himself. However the tv show differed markedly from the novel on which it was based expanding the timeframe from one week to a series of months but also hope onto other stuff so extreme that king send out an email blast from his news site. Stephen king dot com explaining that the novel and the tv should really be thought of as two entirely different stories that makes sense because they are two completely different stories in the tv adaptation. The domes presence is caused by the existence of an alien egg buried beneath the town. Big jim rennie's good now and he helps fight the aliens. There's a whole infection plotline. Here's the quote from the wikipedia summary and then. Chris has actually watched some of this. In what i can only assume as a delirious haze will take us from there quote in season. Three christine resurrects melanie. Whom christine uses to lure the townspeople into the caves. So they can be cocooned and the kinship can infect them halfway through the transfer process big. Jim breaks the egg preventing a full infection over time. The townspeople become absorbed by the kinship except for a few who fight the aliens and try to escape these remnants of the town. People are known as the resistance. So you wanna know what this reminds me of. What's that one king book with the alien ship under the ground. It's fucking tommy now. They tommy knockers. I it's the second. Stephen king adaptation that has done this season two of castle. Rock does the exact same thing with the vampires from jerusalem's lot. They made it into a tommy knockers clone. And i just wanna know why. No one has the balls digest. Do tommy knockers. Because there was there was a time inoperable adaptation in the eighties. I think it was. It was big. It was bad it was big bad. Ironically the tommy nog outpatient actually did have leather heads which this app did not god. I was reading about this. And it's just wild because these barely these aren't the same characters from the bucs six words six words for you. Big jim rennie is good now your legs so jim big jim. Ready is played by dean. Norris who most people would probably know as hank schrader breaking bed. Which i mean isn't the worst casting ever but it's era great. I feel like the cast him and they're like oh we like too much. We can't make him that bed. All right i want to take this opportunity to ask you. Who you would cast as big jim rennie and i will let you go first or second. Whichever your pick. Because i have the correct answer in my opinion. What is the correct answer. John fucking goodman. That was going to be my answer to yes. Oh ooh is the right answer. Like i don't i cannot think of another actor who could like. Have we seen them on one thousand nine cloverfield and like ooh ooh john. Goodman will be perfect. I don't have anything else to say about the shitty adaptation. I mean do we have to express how weird it was the. Here's some statistics that i pulled right viewership declined from eleven point. Two one million viewers to four point seven. In the third season the average audience score for season three was eight thirty. Three percent on rotten tomatoes did a bad job. I don't know what to there's just dumb. it's really dumb. Like they changed it to the point. Where like where. The dome is really the only thing you know. It is very funny because at the at the start they have a sequence where barbie witnesses akao get cut in half but it's cut down the middle and the effect is not good. Funny seek that out our take us to a really quick battle. The books chris you've been with us for not one but two books which means you're officially qualified for invitation literature. Fight club battle the books so we've both read under the dumb and from a buick eight. Which means we are ready to say which is better empirically. I gotta be under the dome right like i liked from a buick. Eight a lot. I didn't dislike it pretty much. All i think under the dome is a is a better story. I agree the under the dome had a much more memorable start to finish. I'm going to remember under the dome for a lot longer than i remember from be. Okay yeah and i think from a buick. Eight feels like something that could happen. You know the way the. Let me rephrase that the characters feel real the way that this story has told and meanders and ships from perspective. Is these people around. The campfire are telling their points of view. It feels very real and natural but under the dome is a more interesting story. Yes i hope. It's and some of that. Shit king rights. Man is just so good it gave us one of the most for me Effective king tag inists ever. And that is saying something. And so for big jim rennie alone. Gotta give it under the dome. Yeah i think that's fair. What's ring that bell and move onto recommended reading so in honor of the fact that we are well and truly getting up there in time. I wanna recommend another album from the year that under the dome was released specifically i wanted to recommend an album with echoes of some of the anti authoritarian teams and also album. That is kind of an overall mass by the end. Yes you've guessed it. My recommended reading tonight is muses twenty. Nine album the resistance. I loved that album in highschool. God oh my god that that satisfied my angsty rebel of so. It's so it doesn't hold up. But it's so good angers in their couple banners in there for sure. Yeah that's my. I don't have anything else to say about. It goes into the resistance and be like. Why do people like this. I liked it is score. What's your excuse. What i'm going to recommend and remind me if i've recommended this already but my recommendation is actually video game called where the water tastes like wine you have. I don't think you've recommended my god. Oh my god. I'm so happy then 'cause i will recommend this until they reprint that fucking album so we're the water tastes like wine. Is this video game. That takes place in sort of an american dream. Time where you are you make a deal with dire wolf and you lose a game of cards. So he tells you to go out into america. Walk the nation and just listen. Go to town to town city to city and listen to people's stories like you go around and you like encounter like a weird german guy in new york who can't see his head but you see blood on his collar. And as you tell that story to other people the story evolves.

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