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Taffy well. Sorry Yeah. Away, as a prize morons! Surprise you brought it up I. Tell Them. Okay. All right. I did not give them your home address. Yeah, well I'll, I'll be giving it away as a prize. Yeah give it away. Is it to the garbage can? Yeah. Okay all right uncle, tv what else you got. Okay this is from eljay I'd like to play this for eljay. Your childhood generation is trash. Is Your Child? Generation is trash he says Robin achieve invites three guests onto the podcast from groups of ages eeg an eighteen year old, thirty year old and a fifty something. From eighties nineties, and and what's in a debate style Game Robin Cooper the person respond to depending on what you think would work better. This could be the person you're interviewing where they could talk on behalf of their generation or they could be, it could be about what was popular. It could be about different ideas scenarios at Saturday night. What do you do? Do with your friends. You go to meet your friend in the mall. Don't show up. What do you do you study for tests? Do divide you cheat with you. Call in sick, do sure the brains were Napkin come up with more engaging topics and questions, but hopefully you get the idea. Robert Akiva could ward a point to the best response. Determine which generation. Whence. Generation, wars. I don't know what do you think you? I think this is like half baked idea. I think. Maybe there's something there, but I'd need a more specific thing than just like. What are we talking with them about? Do..

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