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Yeah it looks incredible. Okay wow that's going to be awesome. Is it olympics okay. So let's christopher joyce have his. His name has ice. Cream in kick so olympics is going to be incredible especially in track and field events this year. Okay because there have been like seven or eight world records that have been broke in just in the trial to right. Not just in america. Nana right lowly that globally right. You know we have a brother that just four forty. Hi four forty high hurdles. Who you know you know. It was going to be like the next edwin. Moses type guy ryan he was just. Doing incredible writers has been the top of the top of the tops and some guy from norway really yesterday broke the record no way a white boy wouldn't spreads right. I'm talking about. This boy was right innovative right. Then you got your car. Richardson both with the woods. With the flame hair and the hi step right now but when she went to grandma and she just laid on the grandmother's lap and then yesterday was announced that she might not make it into the olympics. Because of the we difficult she got tested. Got test positive for marijuana. I hope she does disqualified the test. The test result is supposed to be back between twelve and fifteen. I think it is so she's potentially disqualifying but not will know yet. If if she was called to participate. Yes but the games. Don't start till july twenty seven but if she was hot during the trials does her time hold up. Well that's that's one of the issues is about now right because see. There's been other people other people who have moved tested positive for variety. Shit not just marijuana remember. Most of the world has targeted shifted on marijuana that serve row but there have been others whose times were allowed to stay in because it wasn't in the active games right up to okay so let's listen that's the case is perceived. I look i saw that picture. Would her with her grandmother. That was that was now offers we and but then but then you got the you know. Then you have a sister From from jamaica right who ran a time point one hundred faster right then chakari right. Then you had the girl from nigeria. Who came in tied that right lane author j houser felix of coming back to the olympics or another you know for another four hundred meter and four hundred meter. Four hundred meter relay. She could potentially win two more gold medals becoming the most decorated olympian of all time with like twenty one medals in you know and And then you've got and then you've got the other sister. Her name is sydney sydney mccullough. Who is twenty one years old right. She just broke the world record in in women's here right data excitement and then got the seventeen year old boy. Right who is blue was brokos. Aim bolts record with the record and then in is now as the youngest olympian. Jim ryan nineteen sixty four like that olympics right and could very possibly win in.

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