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A song for you. But i a company myself and play the trumpet and saying at the same time i know you said i was challenged. Ghadames i'm telling you the truth. He goes when. Are you going to lose that fake accent and i was like. I'm glad you haven't told anybody because for me. your. I've been this whole new. All this thing is a scam. I come from brooklyn. But i find that people find a southern accent endearing. So what are you gonna say for us today had to be. You have to be juniors performing since the age of three around and music broadway buddy. Who movies television could make. Maybe she loves the stage. He loves the lights. Loves the microphone. Make me be less to connect or even big glad. Just the way thinking of you. I think cova takes it all away. You're listening to the iheartradio. Canada talk network and this is chatter. That matters with tony chapman presented by rbc. Today i'm chatting with harry connick junior so they get to your album. Which is fantastic. By the way. I i want to kind of do the backstory and who you are where your came from and your risk. Okay sure take advantage of of all the great wisdom you offer people self. Thank you born and raised in new orleans before we get into what that was like. I was stranded in new orleans. There was an ice storm in eastern canada. I had to spend three days after a gig. I do a lot of speaking eleven. I'll tell you something. I love to sit every new orleans before. But i'd never had enough time to go through the entire or the magic of it. It was just an incredible experience but more than anything else. It's this great fusion of so many different cultures have come together in many ways defined united states. Yeah i think you're i think you're right it's It's an unusual place in growing up there. You don't really see the the uniqueness of it in leaves the the diversity there the fact. That is three-quarters black the type of musical diversity. They have everything from brass bands which to us was like a every city. You guys walking down the street in a brass band. The modern jazz or traditional jazz rhythm and blues the gospel like all all of these types of music. The food that we eat you know is unique to new orleans in in you know. I just thought that's the way it was everywhere and it wasn't until i moved away that i realized what are unique place. It was so in the in the idea that that these diverse cultures can exist with all of their differences and still be celebrated At the same times. All of those things i think are are are trades of the best things that america can be you know. It's it's one of the status that you define magical when you leave you leave a pc your heart there. You grew up and i am so interested to hear your pedigree of your family. Your mom a lawyer. That a judge by the time. I you're six or seven your dad's district attorney but at the same time you own not a bookstore. Which kind of would fit in with. That sort of legal professions chummy a little bit about your parents and started collecting law music and everything came together to make harry connick jr. Sure so my dad. He was born in mobile alabama and my grandfather was supposed to go to north africa in the early fifties to he worked with the corps of engineers and they were building a literal ring of military base in in the area. I think you would know better than meets the ring of something. But it was in a in north africa and it was billed as a defense for that particular region and my grandpa couldn't go for health reasons or something in my dad's out goes so he went and was working for the corps of engineers. This is early fifties and then my mother who was a jewish woman from new york decided that she wanted to travel the world so she went to turkey and all these places and ended up in north africa. Met my dad. They love their. They got married in casa blanca and had their honeymoon fangio or vice versa. I think they moved back to new orleans and where my dad was living at the time i guess it was you know years years after that they my sister was born sixty four hours one sixty seven but in the meantime they had a record store to put themselves law school physical flowers born so this. This was probably ten years before. I was born but by the time i came along. They had a big record collection. They had a record player so music was always played in the house. Mother came from a musical family so she loved the idea of having music around giving me music lessons. My dad always kind of wanted to be a performer. He's got a great voice. He's got a big personality so he always loved the idea of being like a an entertainer singer dancer thing so the variables in the air and my house. And then when you add that into the context of being in new orleans where you had access to so much music and access to my being able to perform if i was so inclined which was it was like the perfect storm for a person like me who had qualities in both parents in the ability to sort of let it all out. You know whenever your did your parents drink sensitive entertainment Activity district attorney law. Judge did you. Did you ever see them in. In their work where they they went beyond the buck and started to bring personality that johnson that not an entertainment sense but like my father you know they were both in politics so they were public servants so they they would make political speeches and in that way i saw like my dad was was wo was an amazing speaker isn't amazing speaker on my dad's really charismatic. He has the ability to communicate with people. But it was never like like silliness lower. Like i don't want to say what. I do silly but they never like entertained. In the way that i entertain until much later when this is a completely different topic when my father would sing in nightclubs because he loved to sing but that was much much later. He did that for for fun as like a hobby. But at when i was growing up. I mean my dad is the district attorney man. That's a tough job and it wasn't wasn't a whole lot of last going on over there. I was implying that jobs of joy. Know that all takes. I want to go back your You're starting to already. Stinker smile at your. They see this music alley you and then by age. Eight or nine. You're playing beethoven with the with the symphony. Orchestras that drafted..

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