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Prison is full of cruelty. Violence men pummeling each other to a pulp. The evil is palpable. Inmates and guards alike look like hardened criminals which makes the inhabitants of one giant free standing cage. Stand out all the more. It's a woman. She's hanging upside down hair stringy but still clearly blonde and as we pan out. We see that she's dancing on makeshift aerial silks strung up against bars of her cage for all the grind. She's beautiful strong graceful with perfect bone structure and little clothing to obscure her body. When the gods approach with this stomping footsteps and groupthink all we see is contrast. The girl is something. Wild fascinating sexy. Something these men want but can never have or understand the messages driven home when she makes contact with one of the guards and licks the bars of her cage he responds. Oh my God you are really in bad shape upstairs lady the Oh my God is dripping with desire. So is the regretful. Accusation of crazy but that one keeps him at a distance then when she asks him to come play with her like a sad sexualize child we learned the other reason. He keeps his distance. She put five of the Gods in the hospital last week. This is Harley Quinn. She sexy she's unstable and she's one of the most popular villains in the modern comic book world..

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