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All right second last. We have a perspective. What we have is from the Rams tackle Andrew Whitworth. So he was dealing with his emotions after the game mammoth, man. Yes. In a very good player LSU. Yeah. Go targets. He was also runner up for block of the year. Stephen chase block of the year the coveted. Yes, Jason Kelsey one that yes. So they're asking him credit to him. He was professional. Unlike some other people that don't respect a press and won't talk to them after Super Bowl losses. But he said at the end of the day, we're all going to die. So a little perspective here Tam. I hope he didn't mean this day was he saying that like everyone is he in a cult like apocalypse cult leader him. That's good. But it is good. It's a good spins on just saying, you know, what nothing matters because we're all gonna die damn damn socks. Nihilism pretty fucking sweet. It can do whatever you want. Lebowski kill cats at sucked. Oh, yeah. New ski. I thought it was going to be an ad for Qaluwa for a white Russian recipe. What was it? Even for Stella Artois. You know, what happened? They also had the to- Seki sky in their advertising for Stella Artois, Twi prefer to Americanize in saying say stay ya are 'twas. It's actually just called the beer that you have to rip that fucking paper often. It's really annoying. Yeah. Or the beer that served in the weird glass. Yeah. The beer that the beer that you wanna drink when you don't have good enough tasted drink wine. But you wanna look like you're classy enough to drink beer still are twat should just label themselves as the beer that everyone orders at a restaurant. That's too fancy to serve Bud Light. Yeah. Pretty much pretty much when you. Yeah. When you're with someone who's a little richer than you. We'll fuck what I really want is some like a Seagram seven. Yeah. I'll do a Stella it's Belgian it's it's from a native land. Yeah. I don't know which one they have eight on us and nothing's ever gone wrong in Europe with its great purity laws. Great. All right last. Explains us Liam, Twenty-one savage. Who is he okay? So with that several beginning Twenty-one, he's what songs he do. We did one in a Larry video going to have to start talking. I'll look for his most famous song. So he's like new age Atlanta rapper kind of blew up a few years ago. He's one of the first like soundcloud rappers to really like break, the mold and be like mainstream. So he's like super Representative of Atlanta like along with like like migos and other people like that thou Arno who else arrested Bella Bella did. But that's problematic. Look you've got another rapper got arrested. Yeah. Ballot. Oh, yeah. What he got arrested yet? But so it came out today. I guess he has been attained by ic-. E DJ from the team flavor flav. Now, it's you know, more than me. I actually don't even know what it's for immigration customer fortunate. Okay. So apparently, he's from the UK. British even moved here in July two thousand five Sandra Selbe. Yeah. It was like legal. Also, the Princess. Meghan, Markle, Harry. Nagin Michael Prince, Michael Harry, William William probably cut it. So his visa ran up. Okay. Visa ran out. And so I guess it just came out today. He's like, that's it. Entertain cart situation visa work. Visa he was like, yes, I'm more math. I don't really know. How know say to be a Rapa I'm going to let British no not at all. He's facing his Atlantic. Yes. She's like the craziest thing because he's like he's like the most like Atlanta guy out there. Like, I love he has like his voice is like unbelievable when he talks super voice like super deep heavy. From the from the UK twenty one. Okay. All right. Like kill people to I mean. Well, we still know. We know that legend. Opponent got arrested for tax fraud. Yeah. Bubba I know that like you usually don't dive into legal stuff really with us..

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