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Are they say no one is hurt channel two's roseanne aragon a vigil will be tonight in annapolis in honor of the five killed during the shooting of the capital gazette newspaper let's get the latest now from abc moments ago president trump made his first public comments about yesterday's newsroom massacre in maryland journalists like all americans should be free from the fear of being violently attacked while doing their job the suspect jared romo's has been denied bail he's accused of killing five yesterday in annapolis with a pump action shotgun he purchased legally more from abc's aaron katersky what police called the targeted attack on the capital gazette was allegedly carried out by a maryland man who had a history with the newspaper and with police in may of thirteen we did have a situation where online threatening comments were may enter rondo county police chief timothy l tomorrow said the paper declined to press charges there was a fear that doing so would exacerbate and already flammable situation chief said romo's carried a twelve gauge pump action shotgun and wanted to kill as many people as possible aaron katersky abc news i'm scott goldberg abc news police in crosby are investigating a double shooting that left a twenty year old man and an eighteen year old woman wounded early this morning to victims been shot in the car ended up at one of the parents house this is taken to memorial hermann hospital from what we understand there we're still not clear on the particulars of the reason why they were shot or or where police say both are expected to be okay deputy you say the home is a known drug house lab tests confirm no fendt was found on any of those flyers left on the windshields of several harris county sheriff's department vehicles this week a field test indicated trace amounts of the opioid after a deputy became ill but the harris county institute of forensic sciences says it's testing showed those flyers were negative for fenton hill katie rates news time coming up on twelve oh four on wall street the dow is up two hundred thirty three to twenty four thousand four forty nine nasdaq is up thirty four to seventy five thirty eight the s and p five hundred up twenty two twenty seven thirty six oil at seventy four twenty.

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