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The 39 yard line, third and one for Kansas State, too tight ends receiver split Either way, Thompson's in the shotgun. Knowles goes in motion and two flags were thrown in this time it looks like you'll get the false start. Number seven. So penalty upfront for Kansas State. That's a killer right there. 31 To 36 changes your whole play call and keep in mind. This office of wine did not have a start a single start clashed. I've never seen that before. Forget about returning starter. Maybe you start a game at some point, not a single start before this season for that new five main group up front. 31 has turned into a 36 Kansas State at its own. 34 Knowles. Emotions into the backfield Doubles back out wide to the right. Thompson takes the snap. Three man Rush throws the out right side caught on numbers of 40 White Gil tackled right near the marker for side. It looks like he'll be just short. Just a little out route underneath, but didn't get the distance. Now their fourth and short, fun K state. I'm going for coach Climate's good calls. You gotta go for 1/4 down. Can't can't give the ball back to Oklahoma right now. Nice tackle out there by Booky Radley Hiles, the former five star recruit the junior from Inglewood, California. Fourth and one. Yes Case state going for it and its own 40 young blood in motion left to right. Thompson Gun burns to his left. Youngblood motions back to the left and whistles blow this play dead. Another flag is down. Oklahoma's Layers are celebrating. Yeah, they're struggling with the cages right now. Skylar Thompson, a front Start. That's on the right guard Ben Adler, and now they've got upon it. That's a killer dead. Right there. You have a chance to convert on fourth down Now you have to put right now They're not in tune is again that offensive line brand new not doing Skyler, Tom Kates. Center to kick away Rambo and Limbs are back deep for Oklahoma snap kick is on high in the air spiraling down. And men's hasn't at 20 sweeping right. He's tripped up near the 21 yard line. Good tackle downfield by Kansas State. And Brock Monte on that punt coverage unit time out here in Norman 14 to nothing lead for Oklahoma.

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