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Heart radio Shurmur songs, you've summed up number three swang know how we do. Young. Number two, throw some okay, featuring Nicki Menaj. Number one black beetles, featuring Gucci mane. In the. Fear more from race Shurmur and similar artists. Now search for Ray Shurmur on iheartradio, all your favorite music, all your favorite stations, all free. On kiss FM. If you're interested in what goes into the mind of a latchkey kid only child. You gotta download my podcast. What's a latchkey kid? Well, it was someone who had his own key to his house when I was in like first grade, and I'd get dropped off after school by one of my friends parents and I would lie. I would let myself in the house, and I would make my own macaroni and cheese. And my parents were never home because they work a lot. I know that a lot of latchkey kids out there. But couple that with me being an only child I spent a lot of time by myself growing up, but it's all good. His there's lots of funny stories, and I believe it's exactly how I ended up on the radio. So if you listen to my podcast, go through some of the crazy eventful moment of being a latchkey.

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