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And you know and and i shouldn't say the some people i have appeared before side judges in judicial bureau <hes> in small claims court and they have been very capable and they have been very competent to do so <hes> the question is i think really one of is this a good larger system. <hes> you know question and that you know i won't give an opinion on but certainly they could play other roles. It's not as if this is the only possible system that could ever exist <hes> there are other models elsewhere and you know when we think about social services in vermont <hes> <hes> you know a lot of towns are struggling with these kind of programs because you know a town like mom pillar middlebury rutland that that serves their surrounding towns that don't have the capacity to do it well if you had that on a countywide basis. You could really do some larger good. I mean just think about something like libraries. If you had a county based as library system you could have <hes> you know a lot of states. Have you could move the resources to where the need was <hes> and it wouldn't necessarily the sara lee be the the limits of the town or the city. That actually is an interesting idea. I mean i know in the case of my pillow right. I think you live and i it was well we have the city has the cal cal hubbard library and there's always this question every town meeting. What are they neighboring towns gonna do about i think in a chip in cetera and they don't necessarily want you because they have to come into montpellier to get the services. So maybe you know there. There is could be a role for something which supersedes towns with isn't isn't statewide had <hes> county government in vermont historically has shrunken shrunk and become really a shell of its former self. One of these last vestiges these aside judges. Maybe there is a <hes> as you put more of a county commissioner roll out there. I know i know that's the way it works. In massachusetts counties have the county commission and they actually do you have some purview over various various functions and so on so interesting thought <hes> hey. We are fast approaching. The top of the hour here on the day of graham show w._d. F._m. um and because it's the second hour that means we're fast approaching the end of today's program. I wanna thank my guest. Dan richardson montpellier attorney for president of raw bar association nation and for coming in this morning in talking with us about this side judge issue. It's a it's a fascinating one again. One of these recurring things remind dan. Thanks a lot for coming in my pleasure dave life and do it for today's today's show tune in tomorrow and a little after nine o'clock for another edition of the graham show here on w._b._z. f._m. and a._m. Stay the tune right now. For commonsense radio with bill sayer and of course our day new serves to follow that have a great day everybody <music>.

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