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Carrying on from season one. We have into the academic say. Let's explain what it is and it is a feeling that you get When something happens and you don't let up as anymore is like something. Something that's Wrong while not wrong with them. Something that you notice about them and you think icon do this anymore and you try you try you. Try to carry on the g. Just keep noticing this. It could be anything and it's different for everyone. There's no no the same. There's no like if one person has a naked. Might not be the same as someone else say. Hopefully that that gives evidence. I into one kiss so this week jane. You're gonna give as what you've what you've had the keva before bike resona. Well we're type in began with my long lists see. My toldt was kind of my adult. One is basically If a bogey and their nose. And i know that's really really hard to not notice because sometimes you don't know what's there but i've been on a couple of dates and is quite clear that there's a gear as poking at even if they are like Chat was before beforehand and a fancy I meet them and it's they're just like oh no and i feel bad because you know it can happen to me as well but what i do is always make sure i get myself a once over before gwen to the the coffee shop or wherever meeting them and i get the portable matter at my makeup back. Have a quick look at my face. Make sure there's nothing there. But yeah i guess for guys going to walk around with a murder rate so a phones gift look himself eight. But i'm i'm here right now on video video chat. What am i looking in the bottom line l. corner like a made sure that i've got nothing there because this could be the quickest. It's funny you see that phone. I actually saw a guy the other a d. at checking himself and he's foreign governor we smile and the sport away and i'm thinking is he on his way to date that's cool. That's pretty impressive. Just late in the ones. We'll but yeah definitely a buki. There's something at where i'm just. Ooh need yeah. I i suppose 'cause i know it could happen anytime. Get to the low hanging the and like you say you get there and there's no going back guys a one way street to leinna.

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