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That he could be a good quarterback with very little talent around him i had in like i said i mean you bring in sake won't barkley draft me if it's patch to play safety for you brown's might do they they might win six seven games if they do that especially with todd haley's the offensive coordinator are you know what that saddled among the kirk has to cleveland bandwagon right now artem number one on hype train but nonetheless it's like a let's like this is something that on thrown out on the it's going to happen if anything i think her cousin is going to end up in denver if he does leave washington all right john away as shown as so far in his whatever for bob rations executive job that his terror pecan quarterbacks whether it be trevor simeon are a thing he yeah he had brock osweiler for a little bit and then a than lynch hasn't worked out none of those three are gonna be starting quarterbacks in the league going forward the primary nice little backups but they said not starting caliber tight quarterback the nfl so why waste your fifth pick a xv pick on another quarterback that you're not even sure is gonna work out rather than jr bringing in a guy like her cousins are you had the mary's thomas i think he emmanuel centers is a free agent so i'm not sure what they're going to do with him you still got cj anderson but i'm not sure if they're gonna bring him back and you get davante booker who is shown he's got flashes a shown flashes of what he could be the type of running back he could be but she's really hasn't put it all together yet and then you gotta aging defence who i think their defense they played so poorly last season just because of the fact that he mean you give up a touchdown and denver was already out of the game denver could and put a points at all so i mean you bring kirk cousins that's gonna make the offense around him better of fails so i mean i think it's gonna he's gonna end up going to denver pa i'm not shy i really like that cleveland idea i mean just imagine how are you her cousins bringing barkley and draft a fitzpatrick from alabama i mean that'd be that'd be golden right there are cleveland would win.

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