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They'll stay big chunky shoes. You could wear jeans but he really a cool shoe. You did receive kids kids wearing a minute in your area right. I went to what kind of nine thousand nine hundred ninety five he ends and stuff normally shock for the most part on surprising kinda pull these but again <unk>. I'm big fan of them. I think they look really good so that. I have seen them in person on the body. Feel could law these nike shoes. They look quite they photo really well. But what do you see them. In real life they kind about weird thing they kind of spoke out towards the sides. Just doesn't sit right so major delays looked like an actual person <hes> against stacked so it kind of <unk> route which we're going in promotions nowadays erica's over would affect us all images when that when the count when it kind of goes in cycles michaels right we go from chunky to slim winterton place in that case for the most part we have another chunk shoes pretty slim up as i i just think of documents being a good example the datum laden boots massive chunky soul but the top of it operates through the site mice not. There's no padding on it. The lineup nokkala protection was just completely me one piece of lever so you see a lot shooter things things on chugging soul with aviv slim upper top which caveat is that great clo- contract to see when it kind of chris beck and we go to like we saw maybe bokan shoes may be slipping a little bit more of a return back to the whole continent conventional will band old school model shape all combat one-stop sogeti see release gate left the most by the receive regular people wherever chinaware lot really chunky shoes shoes for the most part which you know again. I'm i'm that posted but these shoes really really cool coming black and red no to callaway's which it makes the bina seasonable easy and this is an end to come out and like what one seven one seventy nine dollars on resuming are going to be one seventy pounds probably right when they t- some love money honeyman goddamn but they don't really nice like them like i'm red lucy here. The saudi sides literally quiz the instep machine right so you got black up automatic switch on both sides. This will the same sort webbing. UT in this is a new shop. This isn't like a shelf that came from the <unk>. Appreciate shocks always have like the springs in the back. Only i could be wrong so no comment but i'm pretty sure this is a new model. BS fairly like the tread is on the bottom they really you are not going to trade which is a good sign. This is why i didn't like the cold waters <unk> our shoes mock doc bring a cactus will they would rejuvenate et cet- tell winsome civil confine them. I saw horak show you guys what i mean but the reason why did oh the vapor max us it nike vapors ny p vapor max so the vapor maximum quite popular lock wearing them nowadays especially my area like everyone's everyone's wearing issues with bubbles different but the reason why i don't like them and maybe because <unk> big feet but basically the the boom the bubbles in a bomb the schuessel <unk> so squeezing on the side so when you're looking at them from below you can't receive the bubbles you just floating which tended needs to your foot kind of bogey on the sides. If you get i mean so. I'm going to kind of get shoe up here and you see you see there. That's what sinks in hidden underneath the soul of like dips back in there again so you can't really see it from the top if that makes any sense but the reason why i say this because this on these scottish talks ubt the boatman's shoe with trade is the springs all essentially a kind of outside of the side of the shoe so what you see when look like a nice kind of expected pyramids of mexico estimates and abandoned services i have so they will look amazing ref impressive gentleman watson the bananas thing of the front really flat which.

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