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In Washington I'm she Stevens Bahamian prime minister Hubert Minnis says the death toll from hurricane Dorian has risen to at least twenty one thousand still missing on grand Bahama and Abaco islands Minnis says many survivors are suffering a bit efforts to determine the full extent of the storms destruction axiom pray for the families and loved ones of the deceased. in the meantime residents. so many from these are being deeply impacted by the devastation including those trapped during the storm and it says the several agencies and groups and pledged aid including one million dollars each from the United Nations and Disney cruise line Bahamian national security minister Marvin Dame says emergency crews are clearing debris and distributing food and water but those supplies will soon run out. hurricane Dorian is now once again a category three storm this threatening Georgia and the Carolinas and Pierce Debbie Elliot reports that stories are lifting evacuation and curfew orders as Florida escaped major damage hurricane Dorian stayed off shore as it moved parallel to Florida's Atlantic coast had brought tropical storm force winds rain and rough surf but because mostly minor flooding and scattered power outages Terry booth at Jacksonville is really if we've had some close storms the last. four years in a row this is one of them but thank god the turned and. look out here so we're very lucky as Florida breeds a collective sigh of relief states up the Atlantic coaster feeling the effects of hurricane Dorian forecasters expect the core of the storm to move near or over coastal Carolina in the next two days Debbie Elliot NPR news Jacksonville two more big defeats for British prime minister Boris Johnson parliament is blocking him from pulling Britain out of the European Union without a formal exit agreement NPR's Frank length it reports that lawmakers.

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