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CBS news It's eight oh five at the, bay area's news station. K. CBS we've got some cloudy skies, sand fond expected. Tonight along the coast and by the bay with lows in the, fifties, kidding me I'm, Susan Kennedy and here's what's happening to young people have been killed three other seriously. Injured as the result of an early morning crash in walnut creek KCBS. Scott with Terry reports. That drinking was allegedly involved a crash in which underage drinking and driving is involved and people. Died from it officer Brandon career of the contra Costa county CHP Sunday morning at four AM there was a a two thousand Honda Civic that craft off of highway twenty four right we're six eighty in twenty four come together and literally off the. Freeway down off the freeway, rolling over and crashing onto the pavement below down in? Walnut creek onto boulevard circle in walnut creek subsequently that killed two eighteen year old males from Antioch upon impact They. Were immediately, pronounced deceased. Two other passengers. Suffered major. Injuries as. Well as the driver eighteen year old rahmael Ramey of Antioch who, has been arrested for felony charges of manslaughter and driving under the influence Scotla Terry KCBS and. Alaska Airlines. Flight from San Francisco on its way to New Orleans had to be diverted to Los Angeles today because of reports are strong fumes in the cabin Caroline says the odor was detected on flight thirteen ninety toward. The rear of the Airbus plane a spokesman for LAX. As the flight landed safely it, was undergoing an inspection to pinpoint the cause of the odor Alaska Airlines. Re book passengers on other flights driver suspected of the death of a teenager in, Oakland? This morning is now facing a strict sentence after being arrested for driving under the influence CHP says Fifty-six-year-old Maury Butler Berkeley hit nineteen year old Gia Shaun Benson Garrett of Antioch Benson Garrett was. Getting out of his car CHP says it's butlers fourth DUI arrest He was, driving, with, a suspended license and the KCBS news time now, at eight oh. Seven the Salesforce tower opened officially to transit. Today KCBS Jeffrey Shaab. Has that story The brand new AC transit bus made the early. Morning trip. From Alameda and Frank Kadogo made sure he..

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