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Maya Ngelo was born on April Fourth Nineteen Twenty eight in Saint. Louis Missouri, her full name was marguerite, but her older brother had trouble saying her name, so he started calling her Maya for short. Maya's parents had trouble getting along. And when she was three, they divorced her. Parents thought it would be better for her grandmother to raise them instead, so they sent Maya and her brother on a train to live with their grandmother in Stamps Arkansas. They called their grandma Henderson Mama. Most of the people in stamps were black, and it was a segregated town segregated, means that everyone who was black, attended a different school eight at their own restaurants, and lived in their own neighborhood, Maya's grandmother, and her Uncle Willie own store and stamps, and my brother Bailey lived in a room in the back of the store. Mama loved her grandchildren and took good care of them. She also wanted them to be responsible, so she taught them good manners and made them help at the store. Often, my job was to sweep the floors. Their uncle Willie taught them to read and believe they should have an education. It was at this time. That Maya fell in love with words as she read new books, one of her favorite authors was William. Shakespeare Charles Dickens was another favourite. While living in Stamps Maya's brother Bailey was her best friend. They spend all their time working and playing learning together. They love to run in the woods and had lots of freedom. Bailey always stood up for my when people teased her or said mean things. Mile loved her older brother very much. In Nineteen, thirty five, Maya's father came to stamps to bring them back to the city where he lived saint. Louis Missouri. They weren't used to the city, but we're glad to see their mother again. WHO also lived there Saint Louis had a big library and Maya spent her free time checking out books and reading them there before this time Maya had a safe childhood, but when she was seven, she was hurt by her mother's boyfriend. This horrible experience caused her to stop talking. No one knew what to do. Eventually Maya and Bailey moved back to stamps to be with their grandmother and Uncle Willie again. For five years. Maya didn't speak instead. She spent most time reading and writing..

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