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This is WTO news One 23 Alexandria city council is talking about tactics to reduce violence among young people This follows a deadly stabbing near Alexandria city high school Alexandria city mayor Justin Wilson says it's going to take a number of steps to address safety among students in the city There's a realization that no one thing is going to be the solution Some of the ideas proposed by Wilson and council member Aaliyah gaskins include holding a summit for youth safety and violence prevention this summer and putting together a citywide plan to address youth violence by September Council member gaskins I think this really is a taking up of the role that we've been charged with which is to care here for our city and to care for our residents gathering to be to be news Montgomery county police recently used security camera footage to help solve a murder in Germantown And now the county is considering a program that would help people pay for those cameras The county council Bill would set up a private security camera incentive program within the police department in Montgomery county rebates or vouchers would be available for individuals and businesses to offset the cost of buying a camera The police department would maintain records of cameras registered in the program and prioritize areas that would most benefit supporters say the program would help with criminal investigations and empower residents to keep communities safe a public hearing on the measure is set for next month The anniversary of the Watergate scandal that led to the resignation of president Nixon comes on Friday During the last 50 years it has inspired a string of movies from thrillers to comedies The Watergate scandal turns 50 this week but it's still a fresh topic to movie makers Filmmakers today are still grappling with this concept That's WTO film critic Jason Frehley The hit 1976 film all the president's men became the first to highlight the scandal but Frehley says it's certainly not the last As someone that was born in 1994 my first exposure it's kind of comical but I probably first heard about Watergate enforced gum When I was ten Gigi Barnett WTO P news Money news at 25 and 55 past each hour here's Steve dresner And Ted for the first time in four hours we now see positive.

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