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Mcdonald so unfortunately which you savings just off the end but for the most part it takes no effort on the part of somebody to stand there and see what this must have looked like during that threeday period you know so it's relatively the same the topography the terrain all that kind of stuff uh looks very similar now as it did back then and i think that may play a role as well we know the concept his era queues where um you might say dress in uh a reenacted uniform and that's the number of rain access while i was out there they just wonder around the town going about their business and there was a wedding on uh so there's a big wedding and of course everybody was ju dressed in blue and grey uniforms for this wedding i'd ought to be honest with you my first instinct was to wanna go up and just gently public everybody to make sure what getting back still live and breathe what happened um on that uh on that period of time for three days during aging sixty three i don't want to save kohan the time warp or anything like that but i think that plays a role dave it really must no i agree with you uh there is something special about these locations in only jeff belanger the author and researchers said that ghosts our histories way of reminding us where we've been and especially in the case of war it's important that we remember so hopefully we don't continue to make the same mistakes yeah it is pc that track record in that regard come gray is that but um gettysburg is a living testament to and what happened um and going to the battlefield itself i made a point of going at sunrise as soon as the pollack open so you can go sunrise and just sit there with nobody else around a very little traffic on the roads uh and i went to live rounds top which was the scene of some of the fiercest fighting and and those who've seen the movie gettysburg will probably remember this is the scene way i jeff daniels 20th main regimen ran out of ammunition and does.

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