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Our laps. And i was like god is really from you because they're not orphans or widows. I don't know i want to do like this. Amazing thing. And bets and gadgets made it very clear that it was up to him. How i was going to report out and And we said yes to opening up our home and man. It's been amazing. How did god make that clear hot. Well i was praying. Like and i was a busy busy mom. My youngest at the time was under one years old and so the way at a women's retreat. And i was at the ocean which i love going to. The ocean still really close to learn. It's amazing koshen of. I grew up in iowa so like i go see the ocean. I'm like this is exotic. It's amazing it's amazing because you look at the waves and you just go god. How how big are you how majestic you are. And i remember just sitting there on the beach and saying god. I want to be all in i. I'm available. Show me how how to live out. I don't know. I just wanna be available. Which frankly being a wife and a mom and doing all those things and serving in my family that could have been. That could have been all of it. But my heart's desire. Was i wanted to do something you know. And that weekend I had seen a sign in. It's like a literal sign at a coffee shop and said host exchange student. And i remember just asking my spirit. God if for me and then Later that weekend. I went to the shop in cannon beach oregon and it was. It's now closed unfortunately but it was called josephine's and the guy that was there he was french and it was so interesting. We got into the spiritual conversation that was really intense. It was something that i have hardly ever experienced in my life And i ended up giving him my bible that weekend and like writing him this long letter that i ended up taking a picture up..

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