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Toys hey right government door may and i thought this is too good to pass up all over it why he did go in the way in came up long succo phase out the window and one and i think the warriors screamed martyr the girl and i'm not mistaken luway and don't cite legal balloon could good story my goodness thanks through for sure that we get tax than tweets as well tom what you have back there in la f rich this is from clara in montross california can you please ask rich gifts given the history gettysburg ghosts are more likely to be friendly or unfriendly what what do you think of that rich i mean you've got the experience there i would tend to think their friendly i've absolutely i mean the actual i would say documentation of goes to wing hateful mean things is a rare um even just nationwide that the idea of even running across one in a in a battlefield if this so lower in an odd that have not even worth considering most of the spirit that you're going to run into a place like gettysburg of lost i mean if they're intelligent nor confuse they're probably just want to be noticed they want to be seen um a lot of times just acknowledging that you see them as probably bringing them mm some sort of happiness um and then like i s i mentioned so many times earlier this conversation is a lotta time they're going to be oblivious to you so i i mean if this question coming in a because you may have some fear trepidation about building some of these places don't have any of that because in oh if you're fortunate enough to run into any of these poor souls you know it's going to be accelerating for you and maybe you know frightened there after i felt a little bit and of course has anybody based on your research been killed by an apparition no um i think the closest you know we get to this subject when you start getting into the ideas of possession.

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