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How did you achieve this tension? I've been there probably comes from within and I think also it comes from introspective this. I know that's a word but the point is like kind of looking back at where I came from. I did a lot of that. I did a lot of self reflecting collecting a lot of going backwards to make something this forward so maybe that's kind of what the tension comes from and you talk about looking back. Let's Talk About D._C.. For a moment where is right now you hop around you live in different places but D._C.. Is still your home correct yeah. I'm sure you've been keeping up a D._C.. Has Become the fastest gentrifying city in America and we're already seeing real world effects of that for example the don't Meet D._C.. Movement for those who don't know it's a grassroots movement meant to preserve Gogo Music in D._C.. Culture and it started earlier this year with <hes> a clash between locals and let's say the new residents but since you've left D._C.. And you've traveled so much what have you learned about Disea- from being away from it gain a learned on that whatever happened in D._C.'s kind of happening everywhere <hes> everybody has their thing. Everybody has their version of their city. Them memories of their moments are there places their spots their own vernacular their own way of just in their own way of thinking just like D._c.. Those you know and everyone's kind of <hes> especially in black communities you know we're scared of losing grip of that and I feel like everybody's holding onto the little pieces that they have and I think through such a twisted concept zip is bringing us much closer together when you say bringing us closer together who you meet black people internationally globally. It's kind of like black people are black. People are black people everywhere things that unite us all and now that it's been out in the world and you've lived with it and it's breathe beyond your immediate crew. What are you seeing as you're measuring success for this album <hes>? I think the way that I'm looking at it is how it's affecting the people that was intended for which is. Not just black people it wasn't intended to make just for that people is actually intended for anybody who's isolated more so but it just connected with the people here the my own people you know so that's kind of how I measure. The success is like it's a lot more people that look like me coming up to me telling me this. This is their favorite thing and it resonated with them. They're massive fan of it today. Some stops me and grabs my hand and tells me how massive of if any is in <hes> how great the album is and keep going and he's going to see me November because I was show in London another big signifier is the variety of features on it. You got a print. You've got to be really push.

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