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Continue to reopen and business ramps back up. Apply online today visit express pros dot com slash interview day to find a location near you. Police plan to clear out a homeless encampment and Santa Rosa today because they say the conditions pose a fire danger. People who live at Fremont Park We're packing up last night because as of this morning they will be forced out. Santa Rosa Police Department warned the 100 campers who lived there that they had to leave or beside ID. This comes after another sweep under highway overpasses in other parts of Santa Rosa. Officials say the size of the encampment at this park is a health and safety risk. Fremont Park is next to several homes and a school and neighbors say they don't feel comfortable given how large the encampment has gotten. Considering it's also the biggest in the city and three pop up Corona virus testing sites in Santa Clara County Open this week with shorter wait times as they use a new wristband system for scheduling tests at Oak Grove High School in South San Jose. Testing runs from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. On Saturday. Testing is also open through Friday at the South County Annex, and Gilroy and the Santa Clara County Office of Education in San Jose, also knew and Berkeley the city is running a two day pilot program using saliva based tests at San Pablo Park. The program uses the same kind of mouth swab that they used in L. A county to encourage testing for people who aren't able to stomach the nasal swab. Berkeley. Saliva tests are by online appointment on Lee. Now let's take a look at your traffic, which is sponsored this time by mercury insurance, Low rates, big discounts, great insurance. You get it all with mercury, and the best part is that it only takes a few minutes to get a fast free quote. That's right, just a few minutes and you could save a few $100. So what you waiting for? Get started with a free quote today at mercury insurance dot com. We have some slow traffic in CHP heading to the scene of a crash on Etienne the westbound direction at San Pablo Avenue. It's involving a dump truck that's blocking the left lane. About a 10 minute delay in this area. As of right now, Etienne the westbound direction the Bay Bridge Toll Plaza. Those metering lights are on and it looks like Aaron earlier stall has been removed from the right lane. We also have a stall right now on 6 80 in the South bound direction as you approach the 5 80 split CHP officers already calling for a tow truck. Slow down right now. On five Etienne the eastbound direction at Eden Canyon and earlier crash has been cleared. Traffic is still trying to recover in the area about a 10 minute residual delay. And if you're travelling on bark this morning, still good news there no problems to report. I didn't.

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