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City had previously passed resolutions calling for articles of impeachment to be introduced against president donald trump do the city of west hollywood has introduced articles of impeachment against president trump and honoring stormy daniels what else do you need to know about west hollywood california i think that pretty well sums it up that's almost everything you need to know yasser ali is apparently the the mayor's yashar aliyev merit no he's he's the west hollywood mirrors john j doran and members of the west hollywood and they do call it hollywood and west hollywood city council give stormy daniels a city proclamation and key to the city it's like blazing saddles the city hollywood is proclaiming may twenty third as stormy daniels day and giving stormy daniels a key to the city the city says stormy is receiving these owners because of her leadership and the pound resist movement aren't they crazy bunch of people we much we must and we will much about that be committed exactly precisely correct another leader of the pound resist movement there emma journalists in good standing at nbc news that's one one of their leading journey they pay millions of dollars a year to that journalists right there resist we much is later of the pound.

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