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From ABC news I'm hearing Preston federal health officials say social distancing is working and now they think there will be fewer deaths than predicted a week ago however at hospitals across the country doctors and nurses say the need is still dire Dr Patrick Borgen is with a monitise Medical Center in Brooklyn I made rounds up on the eighth floor of the hospital and it looks like a war zone you've got the staff wearing PPVs we've got so many patients on ventilators and it really does look like a scene from a war movie up there Dr Charline Liles is with Ochsner Medical Center in New Orleans she says this is not just a disease for older people we've been to be a twenty three year olds we've put put twenty seven year olds on the ventilator one of the sickest people I've seen since this all began was the nicest forty two year old manager of a hotel downtown and he just came in feeling kind of tired I'm just tired doc I just feel tired and he was on a ventilator within about twenty four hours British prime minister Boris Johnson spent the night in intensive care but was not put on a ventilator he's been in a London hospital diagnosed with COPD nineteen ten days ago the nation's top health experts are starting to say they don't believe the US will see the up to two hundred forty thousand covert nineteen deaths that were predicted by some models Dr Anthony Fauci says in part it's because you were doing so well in social distancing I don't think anyone is ever mitigated the way I'm seeing people mitigate right now this is never happened in this country before so I am optimistic always cautiously optimistic that if we do what I've been talking about over the past few minutes we can make that number go down tens of thousands of voters are leaving their homes and heading to the polls in Wisconsin the state Supreme Court siding with Republicans in not postponing today's primary coronavirus cases worldwide one point three million here in the U. S. three hundred and fifty eight thousand you're listening to ABC news balance of nature changing the world one life at a time thank goodness for that balance of nature it just keeps me strong and healthy and I don't have any aches and pains I think it's already supplements and all the different things they promise and I'm like I don't feel anything I don't feel anything you know vitamins protein powder and whey protein all this stuff that says it's going to do what it's gonna do all right the balance of nature exceeded my expectations I cannot believe how it has affected everything so I am completely grateful for it don't.

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