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One person who is heavily featured in this book is steve bannon who was just like goes eta breitbart news here talking about steve bannon i never said don jr was treasonous is he did well i certainly never said that he'd crack guntv yet that sounds exactly like you let me thank reporting i heard it finally came off bill murray of course playing the role of two shirt as strategic genius tea banh on snl this weekend but there will be no studio audience tomorrow when ban and himself testifies behind closed doors at the house intel committee now this has banned even by washington's cruel standards a rapid fall from grace for bannon he attacked the first family in that book fire in fury ban and had said donald trump juniors meeting with the russians was quote treasonous which isn't even legally true he also called it unpatriotic his opinion and then president fire back the bad and not only lost his job he lost his mind there was a cease and desist letter from trump's lawyers to bannon there was consideration by bannon of a defamation suit against trump half of the party comes all the lawsuits now the donald trump has formally dumped ban and what might bannon say though in front of these russia investigated and if you're on that committee what would you wanna know of a person who up until now was one of the closest confidants of donald trump those interesting questions i think while they're coming up next.

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