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Greener grass just god he's wdrc am wdrc fm hd 3 hartford wsng torrington wwco waterbury wmmw meriden the talk of connecticut president trump homewardbound jack callahan fox news air force one wheels up from manila of the president headed for washington after his fivenation thirteen day asian trip so it's visiting i enjoyed it immensely i've made a lot of friends president says than a great progress on trade and security issues after a stop in hawaii the president scheduled to arrive in washington in the wee hours of wednesday president also tweeting that he'll make an address to the nation shortly after his return journey general jeff sessions turns hill today to testify about possible russian election meddling with details fox's jill nato live in washington the house judiciary committee speaking to the attorney general and he is expected to get peppered with questions about contacts with the trump campaign and russia the difference between now and earlier testimony from jeff sessions is the fact that one trump campaign aide has pleaded guilty to lying to investigators about his contacts with people connected to russia and democrats on the committee said new facts appear to contradict sworn testimony sessions is already given republicans are expected to join us sessions about the sale of uranium one two russian interest during the obama administration thanks jill senate candidate roy more is flatly denying charges from a fifth woman but he tried to take advantage of her years ago when she was just sixteen more says it never happened i can do without hesitation this is absolutely false geared what she said i did i don't even know the woman i don't know anything about her despite moore's denial beverley young nelson says she has proof in the form of her high school yearbook with his signature she says his wooing moore's more says despite numerous calls to some of them from gop leaders he will not quit the race where the us senate fox news.

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