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To open an account today. BB NT Now truest member F D I C. It's 7 38 time for traffic and weather on the eights, and it's back to Jack in the traffic center. Busier in Virginia, run in 95 in the North bound direction. We're slow right around Dale City, often on moving into Newington. Your pace somewhat improves north of the Prince William Parkway, But it does remain very heavy. Also getting out of the Springfield interchange headed north on 3 95 of toward Duke Street Beyond Duke and seminary. You're wide open now up toward the 14th Street Bridge, getting a little slow, are now leaving the Springfield interchange headed up into Annandale. 66 same deal kind of coming out of Centerville riding toward Oakton. You're going to find we've got some delays the rest of the trip into Rosslyn, though you're good. Still quiet on the greenway. In the toll road. We've got work on 95 south bound down its 17 found of taking away the right lane in Vienna. There was a reported Christ on 1 23 Lawyers Road Now you'll find coming into the district D. C Tu 95 South bound You running the brakes. There's a little bit of gas pedal in there, too, but from Eastern Avenue south toward the 11th Street Bridge. Just a stacked as you come inbound on Suitland Parkway, riding toward first Sterling north on third Street Tunnel you're slowing. Now is you head up toward the light in New York Avenue, but still quiet on the freeway between the 14th and the 11th doing well there in Maryland topside out, Luke. Expect your delay around New Hampshire Avenue toward Georgia Avenue. Good luck Road south bound beyond 1 93 near Elvis Lane. You may be under police direction around that crashed There was an earlier vehicle fire in Rockville. It was on westbound Research Boulevard near West Duty. Dr. Fire has been put out. You may still find a fire department or maybe even a tow truck Still there and there's emergency work going on right now. Eastbound on for 10 and chill him after 2 12. The emergency work is along the right side of the roadway. Do you need a fast cup of delicious coffee? Of course you do. Make coffee your way at the closest 7 11. 7 11 Always open Jack Taylor. W T o p. Traffic can not a storm Team four meteorologist Mike Stanford Cold Front has now come to the area. We'll see lots of Sunshine State. It'll be breezy and cooler or highs upper sixties to lower seventies a lot cooler than yesterday..

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