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And after Spreen highlighted this point to Caesar, some sources say that Caesar actually asked that new sacrifices be made just to see if there were any other bad signs or omens at work. And apparently these new sacrifices did yield some bad omens so much so that Caesar decided then and there to cancel the Senate meeting that he had called for that day and return home. And it is said that Caesar sent Mark Antony to the Senate meeting to let them know that they could leave given. He would not becoming. For the conspirators part. While all this was happening on Caesar's side. They had all gathered at the Senate house for the days meeting somewhere around eight and nine AM. And there they waited for Caesar to arrive most likely tenses all hell given what they knew was about to happen. Now, I wanna know here that this Senate meeting would be taking place in a temple that was called the Senate house of Pompey. Now, Senate meetings at this time were being held in various locations around the forum and such as the main Senate house where the vast majority of Senate meetings actually took place was under construction in forty four BC, and it's not coincidence of history that this meeting of the Senate was being held in the temple dedicated to the man that had died during a civil war against Caesar. Even Plutarch notes about this fact that quote, it seems as if some God was leading the man meaning Caesar to the Justice of Pompey end quote. But again, the Senate had convened somewhere around eight or nine AM according to most sources and Caesar was expected around that same time, but the minutes kept ticking away, and Caesar was nowhere to be found. No doubt as time continued to pass those who were in on the plot started to grow worried and agitated and soon enough, whether it was Mark Antony who got word to them or some other messenger, the news that Caesar would not be attending started to make its way around the Senate meeting. And there are sources that say that at one point Caesar's golden throne that the Senate had awarded him and which was placed in the Senate house already in anticipation of his arrival. This golden throne was then carried out of the Senate house since he would not be attending anymore. And with this news, a sort of panic overtook the conspirators. They all knew that something had to be done to get Caesar to the meeting that day. Otherwise they would miss their one and only opportunity to carry out the plot before Cesar left for Partya. So of course, the only person involved. In the conspiracy who could possibly convince Caesar to attend the meeting, the spite the battlements left the Senate meeting and headed for Caesar's house. And that one person was, of course, decimates Caesar's friend and loyal ally. The man who just the prior evening had had dinner with Caesar and heard him wish for a sudden and unexpected death. And so Dennis made his way to Caesar's house that morning and we don't know of course definitively what was going through his head as he made the walk there, but we can safely assume one thing that as decimal entered the house of Julius Caesar that morning, he knew very well that Caesar's wish for a sudden and unexpected death was about an hour away from coming true..

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