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I was doing i was you know i'm going to be relying on them to help me out through this and now they're gonna be a big part of god amy through continued to work with me is you know the spring battles on and then damon uniform in sacramento damon's going to be a big instrumental part of you know continuing working with me in in it's good to see all the positively around it with all the guys including bam who used to be hitting coach is now the bench coach i mean everybody seems rule on board with it which is awesome um you know a lot of positive energy going around and it's just it makes it a lot easier to have so many guys near corner knack williams to talk about his new swing here if he talked to justin turner at all about either i haven't i haven't actually you know i'd love to get that opportunity if uh if that arises i'm not sure how willing the arrival that i'll be right at helping me hurt their chances of winning but but noam he's a you know he's obviously done very well so you know the more i can be like that the better mac williamson a good do we were talking about this one on a trip to boston new york my buddies was it to summers ago i can't remember that last year i carry with sixteen of sixty six thing and and mack williams and hamad in fenway park in yankee stadium near man and then he's like yeah got wrigley too and i got kershaw we're like pretty good little resume you got a chance you've got to be those balls back by the way i got the david price won the first yellow yeah i didn't get the rest of them but uh you know the the successive have been few and far between but the few that i have had have been gratified now these are very cool man and then do you mentioned briefly decent went down to la to be with duff that matt duffy authority would love duffy who still friends with todd jaffna generally miss him still they're not the only one yeah see i heard you guys you guys bright your dogs were becoming buddies 2down oh yeah my girlfriend's got a dog little goal noodles cutest thing golden dunes or i little mini gold the.

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