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And now move the sticks the ten takeaways podcast with Daniel Jeremiah Bucky Brooks and the pride of Indiana University though former holder for extra points and field goal attempts Louis Oh would you guys a lot of the arms there by the way it was a lot of that look at this look at the blatant pass interference Bernardi look we've Denardo in the background with no no no no Terry Hoeppner God rest him back there and that's let's see Billy Lynch part of the Lynch coaching family this is jumping up and down there too much information football program right now uh we didn't catch the ball what we're getting too and we didn't win this week either but we came really close yeah it's just like I did so thanks for that guy that was I like that because you guys down there you go buck Bucks GonNa join us in just a little bit here he's he's on his way in so we're going to knock out our takeaways here in just a minute but a couple of news items here off the opera as we wrap it up week four of the NFL season vodkas perfect he's done for the year of helmet-to-helmet hit I don't know if there's a less surprising story than than him in his way into trouble with the League for head to head that's no question John Jon Runyan handed that down and was is in in seeing that for sure and then we've got a couple of who might have as it's possible we might have eleven quarterbacks start in week five that did not start week one based on the injuries that we're seeing we had Josh Allen Mitch Trubisky depending on what happens with those two they did not finish week four dude jury so that's unfortunate saying insane man there's you know we'll get takeaways here in the second just real quick off the top one of the bigger overall takeaways man we've got so many team sitting at two and two in tweeted out the other night or after the games last night it feels like the end of the preseason does September kind of the new preseason everybody try and find their sea legs knock all Rostov and I feel like okay now the season starts there's three teams in the NFC that have a losing record just three of the sex scenes at a losing throw it all out the window and let's start fresh here we five what are you say there we go all right well we'll get a reaction from week four kickoff these takeaways I'll start off first one here the Patriots survive drawn harm.

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