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Suburb that's where northwesterners sooner western is up like my nephew grocer oh uh does he wears pants yeah i've seen a nice guy nice guy he's very very bright evans soon as we're point blank range was wrote yes pointblank range was shot there and what's a grosse pointe point blank fakri kind of it i don't think it wasn't actually shot there was written by guys from evanston i think they shot in grosse pointe which is its own town bro i know the from broody yang birdie stevens did you forget to do come through second city or i o like i did i was in i came up through i owe i study with del close and then i was hired at second city and i were there for a couple of years then i moved out here and i conquered hollywood immi she's a she's looking down at us from a peak yeah telling us how to get out there she beckoning us to follow her up that's why you guys know me from a commercial prebid supermodel is a big industry grew up she also is an actor on virgilio dollar properties much like mr howard kremer in in three episode five check an laurel be embarrassed the premier and the finale of season for ignoring of the lorry the book yeah i can we say that i have an accent in a yes we can say it so i have a french accent in it i thought i was doing so well shooting and these guys were laughing because at the end of every sons i would just go back in an american accent like so interesting anyway so they're so steve mccarron gets while acknowledge that i'm a terrible actor.

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