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You had to do so in love with Comey and not knowing what is going on and saying, Hey, there's an elder somebody older than you. It's unspoken rule. You don't even come trying to trying to argue you ain't GonNa win rising fly becoming a kid growing up in a family like that. I couldn't wait to become a teenager to get all the kids to get up Oh being twelve and a half. And wanting to sit under a tree and there's an eleven year old there. Oh, that is mouth-watering. Good. Knowing who knows how to pick the best watermelon Who who knows how to my Bo-? We call her bow Evelyn shots out to her Mambo knows how to pick a watermelon. We didn't even cut a watermelon. We knew how to bust it wide open. Who makes the cool lane now, you've got people that know how to make good cool and if you guys remember House party what Teasha Campbell and to she know Arnold I believe it was just you know Arnold is another actor by was Teasha Campbell and they were just pouring the sugar in there I mean that's true. But there's there's a balance to it. There's a balance to it. You can't just have a sugary sweet. You gotTa have a little. Tang. Where the back of your mouth you know the back in your threat you know right in the back that get get it good and so my mom and a couple of people will do what we call nate is. Lemonade but it's own a whole `nother level. There's levels to this is just not lemonade flavor kool-aid. You know some people got a little fancy want to do little country time that didn't work. No no no, no see. I'm give y'all lintel a little secret. You had a little little vanilla extract. You know little some some low natural lemon I'm telling you the. Made was on point and I have a cousin Tricia who worked at McDonalds and used to bring the huge McDonald's dispenser drink dispensers. Now, not the ones that we get in the store that you serve yourself but the ones that you can pour the ice in and it sit there and frost on the sidewalk my mouth is watering thinking about it right Now now, if you know what I know, we gotta get back into some music. It's Jay in the morning the midday area co check in is coming up in just a little bit of out to everyone who called in I. Know I keep saying that but we gotta get to some music y'all WanNa, break it up a little bit but I promise you. After this, we're GonNa do the area code check, and so I can give a shout out to everybody in your family. Now, we have the elder there who wants to play Gospel Music, and we will play you know the Gospel Music in in the morning in the beginning because it was a little too early. We played a old school jams to get you dancing but by the afternoon, young people wanted to pop in locking dance and all that. But we couldn't be disrespectful couldn't play Nwea we couldn't. You know we couldn't play all the heavy hardcore. We couldn't play too short. We couldn't play that. You know at the family reunion we had to play something on the radio. We had to play something that everybody loves it can dance to. So let's get to it. It was.

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