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Bark Everton is spokesman for visit Oakland. Welcome to John Hamilton, the Goldmark. John. It's great to be back with you. Yes. It is to be with you. Now last year's Oakland. Art Munt was so popular it's back with the vents throughout may give us a and we'll get to that big event coming up give us examples of what taking place. What makes art month this year? So exciting is that the city of Oakland has launched the first cultural development plan in thirty years. And the theme of that is belonging and we wanted to kind of bring a team along and to Oakland months. So we've got a variety of activities going on. There's a queer California film series going on at the Oakland museum of California. And they're launching California. Untold stories in the month of may we've got not one but two Cinco de mayo activities when we can chat more about that. There was an Armenian food festival and creek Susta both going on in the middle of may. So there's really a white gamut of great activities for people to come and visit Oakland women sound festival. That's one then you've got comedy in Oakland at spicy monkey. That's a restaurant, right? Yes. By smokey is up in the uptown district. And it's. It's a really interesting restaurant. So it's a great place to come grab a bite to eat and listen to some stand up comedy. Yeah. The women sound off. That's just that could be very interesting a festival, no less. It is. It's goes on for several days. We've also got Oakland symphony doing very special event this year, they're doing west side story, which is the first time they've done that. So that brings back great memories for a lot of us. And don't forget the happy our crews on the base. So you can board one of the cruise ships and just take off around the bay for a little bit. Correct. Yeah. I think I think Hornblower is offering that and also the Potomac FDR's floating. White House is also going to be doing some evening cruises in the month of may here's one that could be really interesting where street art, meet digital art. Yeah. That's an exciting kind of combination. And we're seeing more and more of that they Navarre issue. Now a lot of the burning man or in creations come out of Oakland. So there's an amazing amount of creativity. That goes on in west Oakland in a lot of the artists community, and it's an exhibit in as you know, we did a mural festival last year. So a lot of our street art is exhibited in Urals and also digital is is everywhere, and again is becoming increasingly popular one of the biggest events will be, of course, Ching-Kuo Demayo, what's going to be taking place, whereas gonna be etc, etc. Etc. But we got two of them. So we have Tanko Demayo on may fourth in London square. And so that will be a very cool fun celebration. And for a lot of people coming across the bay great stick to fairy the fairy will go from the ferry building straight into check London square, and then they can come and enjoy that and actually on. Cinco de mayo. There is a very large festival going on down in the fruitvale area. And bail is really the home of of that Cinco de mayo celebration for Oakland. And so it's a great opportunity to your visitors to go down, and they can easily get down there by taking Bart getting off of the fruitvale station that puts them right in the heart of fruitvale, and then it's a great afternoon of wandering and dining and snacking and listen to music. Yeah. A visit Oakland dot com. You'll get all sorts of information great stuff on there. But let's go back to that that destination shopping, it's entertainment. Tell us about about that incredible area that now has a place called as Albery Bezerra, our our producer and the people that were pre preceding me on the show. We're talking about a place called planks tell us about this. It must be extraordinary. It's amazing plank is right down to check on square for for people that remember the Barnes and noble the very large bookstore. They took that over about three years ago and converted it into just a really fun place to go and bring friends and family. It's bowling alley. But it's also got I probably forty or fifty TV's in an outside bar and botchy ball and all kinds of outside games and gone there with clients. I did my my daughter's one of her teenage birthday parties there. It's just a fabulous. Place for a white variety of people in the white Brady of uses. You know, one of the things that people that don't have been do Oakland or rarely is college avenue is is just one restaurant after another, and it's truly one of the really interesting places to visit when you're hungry, and you better make a reservation for a lot of them because they are extremely popular. But it really college avenue. I am I've got the right avenue right college. Yes. You do. Yeah. Amazing and kind of the the what by sex right in the middle of the rock ridge Bart station. So for people that are that are that are traversing the bay taking part. It's an easy. Stop to get all that at Lockridge when you come out of the station, you can either go north or south and both directions on college are fun to stole and wonder, and there's all kinds of restaurants and bars and flower shops, and you've got everything from from talk arenas like cactus to to Ben in Knicks. And and all of that does. And so you've got a wide range of. Of you know, kind of bar food or you can get very fancy food at at all about there's a there's a beer baron. That's opened up on that street, and the golden squirrel, which was Barclays for a number of years is a fabulous place. And I think they got I don't know probably seventy five beers on tap. So it's just great place to go into wander, especially with the weather getting beautiful and the and the sunsetting later great place to go for a stroll on experience. Now, you mentioned Bart. And of course ferry service. You also mentioned are there are those both good certainly to get to Gaul Javan, your Nola of all of the restaurants. But also for the other events are they near Bart station. So that Bart is a good destination all over the bay. And of course, very service from where that would be basically San Francisco, right? Yeah. The ferry currently we have fair is that run from Alameda, and Oakland, but they also run to sell. San Francisco always point Mary ones, go to the ferry building. And then they also go up to forty one. So from the fisherman's wharf area, and it's kind of you know, kind of untold the secret and that every bar train go throw Clinton. So there isn't a bar trainer. Runs anywhere in the bay area. That doesn't at some point passer woke Linden. Has a phenomenal number of stations. Whether you're going to advance down, the call Siham or you're going to fruitvale like we talked about or downtown Oakland to go to the FOX or the paramount able to go to first Fridays. It's easy to get off at nineteen three part station. If you're going to the Oakland museum of California to go and experience, the the queer California exhibit that they're launching. And then they're also doing an exhibit later this fall on burning man. Art, would you'll be the first time that burning man or will be exhibited outside of burning man for a lot of us that don't want to spend a week in in on the Playa to great way to go and experience out right next to the lake Merritt art station. Clearly, a correct way to get throughout all of Oakland. All right, Mark, Everton, Jacqueline in square, etc. Etc. Etc. And the main thing for you to do the pied out more what's going on during this month long celebration? But all the time is.

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