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The best. They'll the offering at the eighty bashir press. I think they'll do by the way we have also offered reach severn. Guilty read jack. Pilgrim's post yesterday kentucky. Make contact with offered a lotta yanni dude. Man contacted twenty guys. They offered set six or seven. One guy named jaden limit spelled the same way i did. I saw somebody wrote. Is that ride side. And i was like no no no i i would take. I'm surprised they didn't offering. I thought i thought i mean. Let's be real. Go to half to offer and if you're going to have to offer didn't you gotta offering the first the i i would think so would've thought yeah especially when you offer all those other dudes and the school right down. The road didn't but your rival did just me. They can outlooks. Yeah i agree. who's next. Dilbert speak speed of a guy who name image likeness could make some money reach hall. Yeah and he'll make more money kentucky he would anywhere true but we'll see dilbert. Is that what you said. Yes it dilbert go ahead. Hey baking the the Nightmares in somebody's talking about me there for a second. Because i was wrong here and i i gotta go here pretty quick back to fix my hair. But i'm so matt speaking of this college because like with your underwear situation if it was. Let's say i don't know. Nineteen ninety seven. What would be your track event And then also my last question is i've listened last couple of days on podcast. Thing about ryan's is a microphone issue. And i think you're trying to hide. Maybe the nose whistle. But i'm done. I'll talk to you answer so the peak of my athletic ability which would probably have been. It probably would have been in college. That was probably what college law schools. When i was in the best shape. I wasn't in great. I wasn't particularly athletic in highschool little more athletic. Because i got older. I still would have been terrible at every track and field of it. I'm not sure. I would have been good at any of them. The only one. I might have been. Well i wouldn't. I would have been terrible at all of them but which one would have been the least terrible at the javelin. That's a good call. Because i was thinking actually can through. I used to win the middle's berle softball throw. I'd win it. Because i could throw it far so i would say but the shot put i was. I'm not really strong. So i probably would take the javelin i thought maybe the discus because i'm not that strong but you could the technique and form and you could figure out a technique you you'd learn it and figure that your her out and make the angles and the dimensions of everything it down there. I always feel like though the shot put in the discus guys are just these big huge dude. Where's the javelin those guys are usually leaner. Yeah javelin answer. I think. I think javelin is answer. What do you think. H your peak of athletic performance ryan. You've been the best eight hundred two hundred four by one. Hundred relay in povo. That's what i did when i ran track. Which will be the best at Probably the hundred yeah. It's hard for me to believe. I know you can't believe it. But you still a lot of bases so you clearly see which one would have been the best at the javelin throw. I think the same. You answer that ryan met and watch a lot of track and field. We we watched the ncaa track. And i it was fascinating to me. How many different schools are good at that. Fourth place was ncaa antique. Did you see a lot of minor. Schools actually have good track teams. Yeah but i enjoy watching track i. That's that's my track is probably my favorite thing in the olympics. I just enjoy watching it. I think it's in sydney mclaughlin and more and more commercials. She's going to be one of. I would say she's going to be one of the three or four faces of the olympic. I think so. I mean i don't know i guess kate katie la- decky still are swimmer and she's still swimming honestly. I don't know you know there's a really good swimmer is pat forties daughter. Yeah i don't know if she's making the olympics or not but she's really good. I keep talking. I gotta tell you something. There's a girl from tastes creating. I gotta keep talking. What could i haven't looked it up yet. All right well. I'll take a call. You could tell me when i get back. He's just keep talking man. Whose net frus- bruce. How're you bruce. How're you matt. What's up associated global daven. Click gatty from a barak kerry shalin so that the woods l. e. w. is coming to clinton county. I want to say maybe june thirtieth for your clinton county fair so you should try to come out. okay. I will buddy definitely so that i had a couple of tags on this because zero quick but i wanna talk with that little while deal with gertie court diner so make it quick. Okay buddy. Obviously those guys are downplaying. The portent of a recruiting coordinator bro. Like say like lose it the outfits of coordinators but an stack on their house money to keep live. What would they say. yeah i'll be they Tobacco is out for. La's he's all. That's very true if we lost here to peanuts here program by going nowhere brother. I'm with you. i'm sorry. I got to go to break. Thank you nice to hear from you. See clinton come back our number. Two here at ks bark lunch. We'll chinese menu..

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