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Like that can become the starting number two corner. He went code number two corner. They even exists anymore with so much so much looking for some packages But but if he if he could be that second starting corner then. I think that that's even better for a player. Like cam sutton. Who can slide into the slot and plus. He's he's really versatile we can play obviously corner and he played a little bit of safety too so i think that would bode well for them if he if he if he can make that leap in the second year if they can develop 'cause you know a player that just left here Mike helton he was an undrafted free agent and he came out of nowhere and and became one of the best slot corners in the league. So they can do the same thing with james pierre and he does that at the On the outside. I think that that would be because you need to develop guys like that. You can't every every Player you develop can be premium pick you have to hit on. Somebody's undrafted free agents. That's what the the key to that in the steelers really good at it is recognized. That guys fit their system. E and pierre run like a four six and in may delay. That's gonna drop down as a fourth fifth round you know rejection. Hey runs out. Forty maybe. Some of his shuttle times wasn't quite as good. They're going to drop you. Najeeb might go and drafted by the steelers. Know what they're looking for and that's why they could get a guy like hilton. Who played like an underside safety. You know many linebackers you will. And they knew they wanted to utilize him in that slot position. Same thing with the air You know he might not make it on some defenses where they ask him to match up me and demand for the whole game On the outside the steelers are not going to do that. They're going to make sure that makes up coverages and You need certain of intelligence And again the confidence and was found that maj they're really good on these drafted free agent guys on off. Its of land in the secondary. Yeah even some of the linebackers Have been that route you know and like splaine or another guy you know he. He's a trainer. he's not really a buck. He's not a mac he really fits their system and they picked him up off the transplant. Arbitraging so Yeah it's always root for these guys. Yeah ause it's financially beneficial to the stores right. It's not only. Do they get a chance to have professional career and they just you know all of us still faces love him because we love the underdog and but it also just helps the salary cap. Because if you're not having to pay them you know. Say sega third fourth round draft slot. It was of a lot of money that you can use to keep your own and knife. Fair market value in keeping miranda. That's the reason there's been able to do what they've done to be so consistent part of the reasons that really give him undrafted free ages. Yeah you mentioned the line. And and neighbor trying to rebuild that line using a lot of premium picks. Obviously pouncey first rounder cash. First rounder marcus gilbert but you know before they Any of those guys have been came along. They signed ramon foster in two thousand nine out of tennessee and by two thousand eleven he was. He was a fixture on that line. You so durable and and you need. You need to develop. You can't just like you said like i said before you can't just they can't all be premium picks. You have to be able to develop these these Undrafted guys low around picks and and faucets me one of my favorite all time favorite steelers and and and and he was such a durable presence in a fixture and a team leader so waiver and big al try big of a tight end and david's van and any becomes left tackle and then made a. He's had excellent career and again god. Nobody wanted anybody could have had him. I mean they. They identified them. They develop them and of course he had the best coach possible as far as offensive. Line coaches and mike perfect storm and he. He actually got some pretty decent contracts. You know i mean left tackle. Obviously it's going to be more valuable than i left guard. He was able to the parlay that into some pro bowl years in in a decent contractor too. So yeah i mean a james fear is is that equivalent on the in the secondary one every year. Yeah and and you wonder who it is. And i'm excited about selena. I mean i. I think he's. He's someone undrafted free agent and he obviously showed a lot and running game last year But i think jeffrey benedict some other. People said to us much better in pass coverage and people people thought i mean he's he's seems like a pretty decent athlete and somebody. Maybe they could you know. Be an upgrade as far as athleticism over offense williams as much better instincts right. I mean if you watching He's a step ahead so it makes him look a little faster than maybe what he is and then he quickly transitions. Let's he's got coverage in the running backstays in the pass walk. He destroys asians immediately to the pass. Rush and And he was very effective at that last year. And so even though he's not your prototypical.

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