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Either way I get paid Because these new people don't know the party If you're even like the older crowd, they don't know party. I Think it's the ever we're in right now as far as like technology is concerned People are so absorbed in themselves. They don't know party. So it basically it's an older credit parties Not only that we're also an hour where people Where people would rather capture the moment than be in the moment Yes And I thought and I'm and I'm definitely guilty of that when I go to these shows and record these shows And I'm trying to get away from that. I'm it's difficult, but I'm trying to get away from that I told what what's kind of guy that's gonna be caught everything. Yeah. Oh Like, you know my future kids. I'm Look look at him. Look the first time he ran on the stairs. Look he's writing That first time he passed gas in front of me. I had my camera. I couldn't I couldn't resist So, you know, oh yeah, man, it was it was it's unique so so then, you know these damn kids Just wanna get sturdy all day bro, I don't just wanna do this all day Oh Okay, okay, don't get mad is your favorite guy man Uzi Whoa, this is project project Oh That's what I want to do You want to rock what can I say man then you then you play some other Jersey Club stuff and I'm laughing because All these moves it's already been done already It just recycled them I Find Comedic about a lot of these guys getting sturdy and you know, he's like these moves so like that If you watch him these guys do these moves it's very uh Vogue esque. I'm still on the moves like Jagger though I'm the same They're moving very zesty when they do these rules Yeah, yeah, just like that Just like that. Oh Yeah, man Yeah, yeah Yeah, I get it man. And the next time you be like, oh, oh you feeling froggy I got that blinking for you, bro. Listen, bro. You went far against 30, bro. I'm intimidated bro. You put that blinky down You Know Anybody pulls a blinky on me 911 I'm gonna be like that guy I don't know if you guys heard the story of the man if I'm Atlanta that's tipped in the other man's shoe Yeah, and he called the cops on him It reminds us that the Boondocks episode the neutral moments The neutral moments and so they said he said he said he said wait a minute. I'm white You just walk away What you do white man, come back here. It's all your life away facts I'm not bobbing your shoe. You can walk my shoe. Are you gonna do something? Okay? 911 hello officer. So I was talking to someone about this very same situation I loved it and when I said to myself, it's just like I send myself Lost and words don't think no this dude had this dude had pending situations and he wanted to escalate a situation out of ego Make it make side and stuff like that, bro If you're gonna take these kind of chances at least have your case is closed exactly your priors closed to have your lawyer retainers So when you do split this, yeah, you're good to go. You can call them and you get bailed right out Yeah, I like that. But again, they don't think he never saw that show. I mean an early exchange interview I mean So so there's what we say only that black dude who worked for Trump who? Couldn't bail out because he have his own legal representation. Oh, man. Hey, man So that that Rico baby. So what I'm referring to is we color. Listen, you heard what? Bootsy said if you get a credit eggs of three you're safe Six. All right Once you get that, you know nine yeah to twelve or fifteen you got dozen eggs and you shake that crate You're in him crack. So we're gonna crack three. Yeah But what I was referring to what I'm worried cracked already, you see that the black man stay behind me Oh, no one's gonna build me out. Come on. What are you guys doing, bro? But he's himself he played so but I had representation and not and now he can't have a person He had no public of turn off a defender. He has The church didn't allow it why not on a why but on some stipulation It's had to be represented by law. Yeah, but he's the thing though Public event would not be available for him. Not yet. I don't know period he had papers on lawyer And they already did a GoFundMe in which you raise over two hundred thousand dollars the front attorney the front is attorney Yes, and no one gonna take that case like that. That's too. That's that's not enough bill Bowers that one So Charlemagne situation I'm referring to with Natalie is that there was a period of time early on probably the early half of the 2010s where? Charlemagne was said on on The Breakfast Club and various interviews including Vlad TV where he's saying that Nelly was kind of cold He also said the reason that now he went to country because yeah, yeah Yeah, and was this was an F with him and hip-hop Oh my gosh, that was right there my boy stuff like that and then gonna mark that one down and then right Came on the interview Charlemagne HIV on his best behavior, but But Nelly was still you know, so I mean eventually, you know eventually, you know Nelly, you know Gotta be comfortable But but he was he was sort of giving me Charlemagne a bit of a cold shoulder actually Then he looked at Charlemagne and you know, Charlemagne was like, he said yeah, I got Louise I got Louise on retainer for guys like you and when Charlemagne had that kind of talk, he was chill He said he said Nelly is okay running my face When he had that kind of taste that I got Louise on retainer for guys like you that means like I'm with it I'm I'm getting I will get my hands dirty To make my point clear I Mean There's one thing I can say about Nelly is listen He's always been about making a good records and you know Good music and stuff like that, even though he he did he did some real things and stuff like that But don't get it twisted and he really is about it Nelly reminds me of those old-school RB dudes You know the key sweats of the world the key sweats Aaron all real Don't get it twisted just because the R &B dudes can sink the 90s doesn't mean they don't throw hands Cuz he said we'll put them beats on to you quick.

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