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Candles that Drake is selling. I'll do what I heard. This is surely something else, didn't you? I only the rapper has released a line of scented candles. Okay, so that's I mean, that's your this is Polly Mac turf. Now you're your candle guy on the candle enthusiast. I had one girl last night. Did you know that then then guess what? Hey, Liz, Christmas present for Polly Mac. A scented candle quote. Which quote actually smells like Drake. Of course. I don't know why anybody would want that says here, the $80 Candle $80 on now come to do he's taking tips from Gene Simmons of the point. I've got a June 78 quote. Smooth, musk, fragrant dude, that's normally that's gross. A smut must. I don't want us Kaemi less came and worse, they would must Don't want the musk of a drink in my house, and it says it is an interpretation of his beautiful self extroverted. Imagine, like the balls on you to sit in a conference room somewhere and go like you know what they were saying that the world needs a scented candle like smoke before details. This is how he feels. He smells okay, Musk. My God. Amber's only hope That means this is grossing me out. Cashmere. Just Kashmir smell no suede sweats place way. It's not a bad smell and Belle and velvet and velvet. This is nonsense. Yes, it is. For now, we need to. By the end of this show the end of this week. We need to devise their own scented candles. And what? What we each smell like truly him. You know, Like for me, It's not that hard paper. Yeah, dude. Hash oil resin. Holy mackerel fragrance filled by water, water. Actually, cannabis and one was the worst smell in the world that combines patchouli cannabis and Frank Pepe's sausages tunes. I'll Buy that candle. That's what I'm talking about me. There's like a Febreze him too, because you gotta kill the smell. You don't mean like that dead for breeze. But you tried to kill the stench and by the way, and with hints of for Breeze is what you say they were with Holly Mac Muskie. Truly ham scented candle you buy it comes with a free tube of of I seem to get the ready. So is there Smith? Is there a faint whiff of icy Asians? No, you say notes advising no notes of I've known him since he was a Febreze without saying just a subtle pie. What do you What are you gonna retail it for any of south of 80. I got to be competitive in the market place. But I gotta beat drink. How about I go like just for the kitschy, naughty factor? How about minds at 69 90? Sti 9 $69.69 72 Impala. Can you get it when you open it up? It comes in the 1969 years comes one of those boxes. It's like a special casket box. You open through this. Hey, who's in the Bay Area? The marketing firm. You got to get in touch with us Coach. I want to see the casket Candle, dude, just in time for Christmas. That's it's a little extra for an extra 69. You get the casket, dollars and 20 cents. You get the casket for 4 20 perfect for an additional 169. Dollars. We will also deliver a model of Theodore. That's it. Yes. Oh, man. Where you going? I'm glad I mentioned it. There You go to quality die aggression. Murph. Somebody let's just

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