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Of the more recent ones but you know, they're They're in Lohr, 1938 Hurricane. Even the Hurricane Center talks about the 38 hurricane that wiped out a big part of the Northeast is in all the history books. All right, But that was the last big That was our Andrew. Yeah, For me in Pennsylvania. It was it was it was Gloria. Or was it Gloria? I think it was, uh, that I mean, I helped clean out a lot of lot of buildings, a lot of homes and wilksbehr up and in Pennsylvania. I mean, it was just unbelievable. The Susquehanna River overflowed its banks and just start itself in the downtown. Well, I think that was so Gloria would have been 1990. I think Maybe that was bad Before that. Maybe it was Gladys. It might have been last. That's a good name. But, yeah, I was managing a coffee shop on appear at the time in college and a sailboat came sailing into the back of the coffee shop. Have you ever sail right back out again? Have you ever considered going back to your previous occupation? Bandaging of coffee shop only for the money only for the money. Yeah, well, that I see. Yeah, Yeah, I know that. And the better hours. Thank you. Well, yeah, that's true, too. You can sleep well, not for I mean, you gotta bro. For a coffee better still better. All right. Thanks very much. We appreciate it. We'll talk to tomorrow. See you. Now You're thinking of Hurricane Irma, where the entire state was was under a hurricane Watch the state of Florida. Yeah. Yeah, I remember that. It was my wife and kids. We were up in the building in Myanmar. We were still on the air 24 hours a day, but Wife was in the car with her sister, three kids and three dogs. Driving as someplace they they were trying to get to Tennessee to her Dad's house. And it took them 14 hours to get the Jacksonville. Yeah, I I sent my wife for the kids and the dogs up to Jacksonville, and they ended up losing power up there the day after it made landfall Remember destroyed the lower keys. Yeah. No, it was it was until we never ever storm like that. Or would there were no one knows where to go. 6 27 You got something? That's our sports news this morning, Jimmy. The Lightning are back to back Stanley Cup champs. They beat the Montreal Canadians won nothing in last night's Game five in Tampa, claiming Lord Stanley's Cup for the second straight year. England defeats Denmark to one an extra time setting up Sunday zero final against Italians, Jimmy the Italian. Of course, that's.

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