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Does your dog? It's scratch stinker. Shed like crazy come to Diabate for help. Order a ninety day supply of dynamite. Donna fight for life pickup. Tubes of Dogosuds. Get the third tube free. Peppermint, tea, tree, lavender Dogosuds shampoo. Made with all-natural coconut, jojoba, aloe. Great for healthy skin and soft shiny coats. But no, itchy harsh chemicals. Lather up. Rinse away. Try Dogosuds by to get one free at dinovite dot com. D I N O V, I T E dot com. Hey, everyone chauffeur and here. I just wanna tell you about a personalized dog food that I discovered called Hutto. But does is they take personalized nutritional needs for your pooch and prepare food that's specific to your dog. They consider the age of the dog size any special needs any special sensitivities, whether they have allergies to weed or coroner soy their weight. Whether they need dietary food and their flavor preferences, and they create a special dog food just for your dog. How great is this and we have a special offer. So you can try to I've tried it with Mr. z, and he loves it, and he is finicky and picky picky picky. And he didn't love the super expensive dog food that we were trying side thought I needed try, and I'm so glad I did. Now, we have a great offer for you. Just go to Pepo dot com. That's PUP PPO dot com slash pet. Life radio and you'll get fourteen days of personalized dog food delivered for nine dollars. That's puff o dot com slash pet. Life radio and you'll get fourteen days personalized dog food delivered.

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