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On that sheriff spokesperson, Casey, Roebuck. She says the deputy chased the suspect out of the house. She says at some time during the foot pursuit the suspect reached into his pocket the deputy discharged his weapon and the suspect was killed. He's been identified as Terri Lee Cockrel. The Oklahoma army national guard is about to get its first female general officer promotion ceremony will be held next Wednesday at the state capital for Colonel Cynthia Tinkham. She will be promoted to the rank of Brigadier General, she enlisted in the guard in nineteen eighty nine Republican House majority leader, John Eccles and democratic state Representative Jason Donnington have filed legislation to make stay question. Seven eighty retroactive. Now, this is the state question that was approved by voters in two thousand sixteen that reclassified some drug and property crimes as misdemeanors. Now, the legislation would provide post conviction relief to offenders whose convictions would have been affected had state question. Seven eighty been in place. Dunnington an echo say their Bill is a chance for lawmakers to come together. And do what is best for Oklahoma, and the Oklahoma City zoo is offering free admission to federal employees during the government shutdown admission is free for employees and up to four family members, the Oklahoma City national memorial and museum is also offering free admission and the Oklahoma City museum of art state Representative Jim Greg O of Wilburton has filed a Bill to stop the closing of the Oklahoma veterans center in Tallahassee nine halt to the transfer of the veterans to a new facility in Sallisaw. Greg O says there is no reason the Oklahoma department of veterans affairs. Can't update the existing facility to better accommodate the needs of its residents. He says the center is a significant employer in Tallahassee. China and is important to veterans who were house there and to their family members who visit them and the New York City council is discussing a right to disconnect. Bill today that would be the first of its kind in the country. It would find companies two hundred fifty dollars every time that they require employees to answer work related emails. Text messages or phone calls after normal business hours. The Bill was introduced in March of last year. It's modeled on a French law that was passed in two thousand seventeen..

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