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Eternal now. Ostrow. We're good morning everybody. You're listening to the voice come dig me. Now Steve hobby. Got a radio show. Okay. I want to share something with you that I had to come to the realization one time and even in the reinvention of myself right now I've had to come to that. And I want to share with you today. Give it to you. I want to tell you about something that a lot of people do in their life. I want you to be aware of it. Here. It is don't get stuck on yourself. You could be wrong. You know? I said don't get stuck on yourself. You could be wrong. You know? The reason I'm saying this is because. People have a tendency to once they make a decision about something or once they decide to go a certain path. They go against all everything anything. Anybody says anything anybody might do any other ruling. They may come across. They schilling advice. They don't listen to council. They just made the decision. I'm going to do it. Anyway. Don't give stuck on yourself. You could be wrong. You know? Now, here's a surefire way to tail if you're wrong. If you don't see any movement. In the direction you've chosen if you don't see any thing going right in that decision. If you feel as though you're in a rut. If the wall climbing seems so insurmountable that you ain't even moving in each and every time you turn around you keep getting knocked by down knocked back down. Don't get stuck on yourself. You know, you could be wrong. You know? See that's why it's important for people to always be open to the reinvention of yourself. You know, you cannot be afraid to reinvent yourself. In other words, you can't be afraid to change change is necessary when it comes to growth. There is no growth without change. You cannot grow and never change. I'm sorry. It's it's like from the time you were born you are constantly growing. But in that growth, have you not noticed you have constantly changed the more. You know? Oh, listen to this the more, you know, the older you look. Sorry. Sorry. But there is no growth without change. And I have found this to be true. And the case the more, you know, the older you look. Now, you can do drugs and and kill both in theories 'cause you can do drugs and not know nothing and look real old. So there's a way around, but I'm talking about if you spending your life trying to make something out yourself. There is no growth without change. You cannot be afraid to reinvent yourself. So don't get stuck on yourself because you could be wrong. You know, if you hadn't even direction in ain't nothing going writing your life. Could it be the wrong direction? If you're climbing, and you're making no headway could it be the wrong direction. Could you have possibly made the wrong choice? Don't get stuck on yourself because you made the wrong. So it's okay to forgive yourself. It's okay to let yourself off the hook. It's even smarter sometimes to admit that you're wrong you ever met somebody I ever role. Have you ever met somebody you talk to ever wrong about nothing, man? They just they way or the highway. It's this is my way, this is I know people like that stuck on empowered trips and all like that you know, what I had to learn how to do I had to learn how to let them go on them power trips. But listen to this though, you not taking me on that trip. Though, you going on that trip by yourself? I'm going in the right direction. I decided to stop the weight. Okay. Listen to this person this person, I decided to stop doing business the way I was doing business I decided to stop to allow business being done around me the way business was being done around me. You know, what you know, the best decision. I made was to allow for God. To have some say, so. And to offer me his direction. I have found him to be a better driver than anyone else. I know I have found him to know more about the man he made than anybody else. Who's merely associated with me? I have found it to be a fact that my maker. Knows more about the vehicle. He created Dan does anybody else if you if you're Chevy break, don't you take it to Chevy? You don't take your phone when it breaks down to a Toyota dealership. They not go know everything that the Ford dealership would know about the vehicle, you know, why because they're not the maker of it. So now, why are you letting you letting your life being led controlled and guided by somebody other than you'll make I'm just asking you to let's all take a common sense look at this. So if going to your make is the best way the best decision I made in my business was take over my brand myself and to allow the makeup of this brand see without God. I'm none of this. None of this. I want you to clearly understand. I ain't none of this without him. I wish I could have the guts to reach back there. And Pat myself on the back for what I've accomplished in my life. I wish I had the guts. I wish the nerve of me because I know for a fact that there's no way that I could have manufactured the life that I have I could not even have thought of it is no way, I could have told you that this was the route I was going to take and this is the outcome because of it. I had no idea. No clue. The one thing I had though was an unshakable faith in. God. I had an un- an I just kept believing in him. I kept believing that he had something more for me. And then when I touch base with him and ask him to show me what it is what he had for me Totta DiMaggio show began because you know, what he did. He took all my natural abilities that he had given to meet his gift that he gave me that. That he poured into me at birth that same gift that he poured into you at birth. The moment you go to him and let him show you that gift. And then guess what was he takes what he naturally put in you and put his super his superpowers on top of that. Then you have some supernatural things going on in your life. You may not be feeling me. I'm cool with that. But often has some supernatural things happen to me every day. I wake up some supernatural, though, the man the rewards of my life the awards of my life, the accomplishments, the how I'm working how I manage it. All all let ain't none. But God that ain't none. But God, you can't even explain this schedule the people. Sometimes when people ask me, Steve, how do you do it? I go. Well, is what I manage my time. Then at the end of when I get through. I said, hey, you know, what I need to yell real is God, I don't really know. But I'm leading him manage me. So he handling it ain't gonna put no more me than I can bear. Listen to me, y'all don't be afraid to reinvent yourself. And remember this don't get stuck on yourself. 'cause you could be wrong. You know? You absolutely could be wrong. If you don't tie this to your gift. You will be struggling the rest of your life. You're listening to Steve Harvey morning.

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Chevy, Steve Hobby, Ostrow discussed on The Steve Harvey Morning Show

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