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The first captain america movie. This brings me to the second point. I'm not gonna look and find out. I have my limits like specifically. I'm glad you brought that up. I was like how was bradley. Whitford playing that. You know what. Life's too short like that's fine. I don't actually care if he was or not but so kudos to them for being like. Here's another way we can mind this universe for fun and potentially unearth things that could turn into real things the second track the one. You're not ready to have chris. Actually you are ready to have. It is what if red skull was right. I love it. Did you get red skuld. Is that what happened when he wanted. Credible youtube videos send you. The second thing is just i this. This also may be my limit of like part of the fun of the marvel. Cinematic universe is that it's real actors doing these things and you know the the film makers and artisans behind the scenes being like well you've you've read about cosmic cubes for years. Here's what they would like and like. That's still fun and exciting. This felt like a you know. It's it's sort of amusing entertaining. Fan service and nothing about it struck me as particularly thrilling. It's fine. It's a finding spend twenty four minutes on and haley atwells cool and okay but but i don't find myself getting super high or low about it. It just exists me neither. I think it's like probably a case of like anything that does moves the stock market. So it's worth paying attention do but then you realize you know you're talking about like a thirty two minute cartoon or whatever that that is largely like a re-shoot of captain america until the final few minutes Obviously with the major characters being moved around but a lot of the action set thesis rate. Like they are. I taken from the movie. And then there's plenty of shots that are shot for shot from the captain america movie. The rest of the shots are taken from a watchman which is super weird I will say this like disney by the end of the most recent star. Wars trilogy of films right. I think play if people were like i waited x. Amount of years for this to happen and when you finally gave it to me you basically just told the same story over again. You know and i think that for whether or not you did or didn't like the last i or whether or not you think that there's a lot to like about that trilogy on the whole but had some problems in end would however you're feeling about star wars these days. Let's put that in a box. I do think that there was like a little bit of alike. Are we ever going to move forward in this world and marvel to their credit also disney property have done a very good job being like chapter closed. Let's move on while subtly letting all those people live on on disney pluess and flooring. Yes sure we're exploring more complex emotional situations or sociopolitical issues on those on the series but like essentially it's still members of the avengers hanging out. You know what i mean. We're still seeing these people even. If we're telling you stories so this is a really slick way of basically starting a new quote unquote phase while also never leaving the other phases behind. And what if you say like there is like a kind of playfulness and mischievousness to it in its at center that it could have but ultimately what i think it's going to be is let's mess around and just kind of remix. Some of the greatest hits right. Yeah i mean the the one thing that no version of what if could really do. And this is a slippery slope to be on in comic books in tv is you can't suggest something that everyone at the end of it is like that would have been better. But that's that's risky right. Because you kind of i think the most interesting thing about the series would be like where they actually went right at mistakes they made. You know what i mean like. What if we hadn't cast tilda swinton. As the ancient wanted doctor. Strange sure like obviously. That's not what this show is. I think that your point every move they do and i remain in all of it because there's always legitimate if not excellent artistic cover for the decisions but every move they make is. How can we keep this going. How can in not in the sense of like telling the star wars story again. But how can we keep mining something. They don't leave story on the bone. And so when you have an idea like okay. The adventures of steve and karen and howard stark in world war two. Which got you know yada yada because it was a feature film in a different era and also those actors didn't want to do ten movies of the first ten. I thirty minutes of the film. You could do a comic book. Version of the jalan commandos. You could make a whole series about captain. Carter and and bucky and steve is hydro smasher. Whatever like sure you can do that now and the actors would love it because they get paid enough to work hard and it doesn't matter if they get older or cut their hair or whatever so what happened at. That's another line for them here. And it's impressive. Can you help me get get my head around what happens at the end of this episode. Then so am. I supposed to so basically spoiler alert. If you have watch this episodes you can stop listening now..

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