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Up to 75 rate claim 102 let's meet this tv tvri traffic and transit on the team had you know there are some of these drain crew cleaning people out there that are working really hard we don't have flooding again we hope that this works because they're really slowing traffic down on the westbound schuylkill expressway approaching the boulevard it slow out to belmont now they were at lincoln drive and they moved on we're watching them to see where they go but it's still very slow in that stretch approaching the boulevard there all the way out to belmont now and on the eastbound side at sluggish through the curve montgomery into gerard to we don't have any accidents to report on ninety five but there is a slow spot that is northbound right around gerard and that's even backed up a little bit onto the eastbound vine street expressway ramps to go now ninety five northbound the rest of 95 really not bad on four seventy six the blue route we've got heavy traffic from ninety five to pass mcdade and then there's another spot of heavy traffic just above the media swat more exit in new jersey on 320 twenty two near forty five molecule hill there's an accident there there's another one in williamstown on the black horse pike at plenty of hollow road fuels will with that one to one of our a mobile units was out there on the atlantic city expressway given us the play by play with the rain coming down pretty heavy he was roundly partly service plaza when he called and things are are are slow right around on fortytwo northbound heading up to a lower landing road fifty five northbound is jammed up not seeing any problems on the bridge we just want to let you know there is some construction on the ben franklin bridge in both directions just watch out for any lane restrictions mass transit no reported delays next update less than ten minutes i'm stevie reese in the trumark financial credit union 24 hour traffic center q kyw news time one o three.

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